Press release - July 7, 2022

11,000 Document Templates From All Over the World – Regula Has Added Another Thousand of the World’s Newest Documents to Its Database in Just Half a Year

The world’s largest document template database, owned and maintained by Regula, has just become even bigger. Now, it counts over 11,000 templates for documents from 248 countries and territories. The journey from 10,000 to 11,000 templates has been made during the last six months. This new milestone encompasses the latest versions of identity documents issued throughout the world in 2022.

Why is this so important? By supporting a vast number of identity documents globally, Regula allows companies to scale their businesses with lower operational costs and in less time. Whenever an organization is ready to enter a new market, they will already have the vital data on hand. In addition, the profound knowledge base of specific security features that certain documents employ allows Regula ID verification solutions to distinguish a genuine document from a forged one faster and more effectively.

Among the recent additions to Regula’s document templates database are:

  • the 2022 passports of Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Costa Rica, and Honduras
  • the 2022 ID cards of El Salvador, Slovenia, and Sweden
  • the 2022 driver’s licenses of the Philippines, the US state of New York, and Poland (a qualification driver’s license).

Aside from that, the database has also been enlarged with a number of passports and ID cards issued in 2021 in some European, Asian, African, and Latin American countries, including the latest IDs of the EU states.

As of today, Regula’s document template database contains images and descriptions for 242 types of identity documents, including widely used passports and all their types(citizen, diplomatic, service, official, special, etc.), identity cards, residence permits, resident identity cards, driver’s licenses, visas, as well as more specific ones, such as voter cards or marine licenses. With its recent enlargement, the database has also started to support some trade licenses, for example those issued in the United Arab Emirates. The full list of supported documents can be found here.

Generally, Regula’s document template database gets updated on a weekly basis. And it’s not just a picture of an ID that contributes to the collection. Regula’s experts thoroughly examine each new document, using special forensic equipment that is developed and manufactured by the company. Forensic devices allow processing documents in various light types and sources and, as a result, deliver the most comprehensive templates with all the security features highlighted. Moving on from this stage, Regula’s specialists parse data, categorize data fields, and mark unique features in each document. Having intense forensic experience and having verified numerous documents in the field, these experts hunt for every finite detail to provide the most comprehensive description of a document, and thus to help clients read and verify any IDs on any platform (mobile, web, desktop or server) according to the replete templates from the Regula’s database.

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