Press release - October 12, 2017

Regula Solutions Were Used to Authenticate a Painting by the Famous Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo

A previously unknown painting "Sola con mi gran soledad" ("Alone with my great loneliness"), signed by the name of Frida Kahlo and dated 1938, was discovered in a private collection in the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico. In order to authenticate the painting as genuine, a number of examinations were carried out, including handwriting analysis.

The handwriting analysis was performed by a Mexican forensic document expert, Juan Manuel Padron Primo. He used the video spectral comparator Regula 4307 with the Regula Forensic Studio software to compare the signature on the painting with the signatures on other paintings of the artist. He measured letter shape and slope, letter spacing and other characteristics of handwriting.

The conducted handwriting analysis revealed that the signature is similar to the samples taken from well-known works of Frida Kahlo, and it was concluded that the discovered painting was created by the famous artist.

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