Regula in Banks & financial agencies
Regula in Banks & financial agencies
Regula in Banks & financial agencies

The Universe of Holography Explored in Detail

The OVD Analyzer can obtain high-resolution images of a whole hologram or its fragments, as well as create a sequence of images (gif format) to demonstrate a holographic effect in different illumination modes.

Regula 2303 is controlled via Regula Forensic Studio software, where the user can choose between two operating modes: the visualization mode and the automated authenticity verification mode. The principle of operation is rather simple: there is a motorized system of white light sources for verification and examination, a camera and an X-Y translation stage for precise positioning of objects.

It is possible to create your own database of reference descriptions for subsequent examinations.

It is possible to perform highly detailed DOVID examinations thanks to the included detachable macro and micro modules.


Intended Objects for Examination

ID Cards
Driver’s licenses

Highlighted Features

Light sources for examination and verification

The device has variable white light sources for OVD examination and verification. The tilt angle of the light source to the object stage surface for examination mode is 30°–60º. The tilt angle of the light source to the object stage surface for verification mode is 45º. For both modes, the rotation angle around the vertical axis is 0°–360º.

Authenticity verification mode

The automated authenticity verification mode is intended for examining a hologram by evaluating the parameters (period and orientation) of the diffraction gratings it contains by comparing its structure with a reference description from the database.

Macro and micro shooting modules

Thanks to the included detachable modules, you can examine OVDs under different shooting conditions: macro and micro modes.

Visualization mode

The visualization mode is for creating reference descriptions of holograms. That means obtaining holographic images from different illumination angles in a wide range of resolutions (from 710 to 24 130 ppi) and creating a reference description of the hologram structure.

Additional equipment

Visualizer Regula 2305 with lasers, green 532 nm and red 650 nm, for verification of laser-readable images in holograms (supplied optionally).

Pre-created database

A database of OVDs on euro banknotes is provided by default.

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Examples of Examination

Document examination in different light sources and operation modes

Efficient Solution for a Variety of Sectors

Security printing industry
Regula in Banks & financial agencies
Banks & financial agencies

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Specialized Training

Training courses on document and banknote authentication

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Information Reference Systems

Databases of travel documents, banknotes, driver's licenses and vehicle registration certificates

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