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Light sources


incident, oblique (2 light sources), oblique for hologram examination (23 light sources), external oblique (torch), coaxial, bottom with adjustable intensity


incident (254-400 nm), bottom (external) 365 nm


incident (700-950 nm), oblique (2 light sources, 870 nm), bottom with adjustable intensity (870 nm)

High-intensity incident

5 light sources (450-590 nm)

Image capture


100х on-screen examination for 24 inch monitor

Video output parameter

maximum resolution 1920×1080 pixels

Field of view

202×113 mm

General parameters


380×260×420 mm


380×260×420 mm

Supply voltage

DC 12 ± 2 %

Delivery set

Torch spotlight

UV bottom lighter

Magnifier Regula 1003M

Regula Forensics Studio Software

Clamps for fixing examined documents

PC (optionally)

Case for device transportation (optionally)

Full Specification Regula 4305DMH


Regula Forensics Studio Software


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