Examinations Under High Magnification on Different Levels

The device is made as a single unit for desktop use and fully controlled via Regula Forensic Studio software interface (supplied with the unit).

Regula 4307 has a set of light sources of visible, infrared, and ultraviolet spectral ranges, and imaging filters used for carrying out forensic examinations. By default, the device has an integrated module for reading MRZs, RFID chips, hidden images (IPI), and 1D and 2D barcodes.

Depending on a the model chosen, the device can be equipped with a high-resolution spectrometer, a hyperspectral imaging module, a light source for anti-Stokes luminescence, a motorized XY translation stage, and a built-in PC.

Regula 4307 can be supplied with a spectral luminescent magnifier, Regula 4147, and information reference systems: Passport, Autodocs, and Currency (brief versions).

Intended Objects for Examination

ID Cards
Passport stamps
Signatures and handwritten notes
Vehicle registration certificates
Driver’s licenses
Revenue stamps
Art and collectibles

Highlighted Features

Movable object stage

XY translation stage for high-performance positioning along multiple axes and image stitching (not less than 50±2 mm along the X-axis and 50±2 mm along the Y-axis). Allows micro- displacements (0.01 mm) of examined objects.

Automatic reading

Textual information from MRZs of ICAO compliant documents (ID-1, ID-2, ID-3), 1D and 2D barcodes, information from RFID chips in eDocuments (DG1 to DG15, BAC, EAC, AA, PA, TA, PACE), and verification of those chips.

Superb features

Multifocus, Super Resolution. Hyperspectral analysis and examinations with a spectrometer.

Image comparison

Comparison of two images in different combinations: two saved images, saved images against live video, saved images against reference images from information reference systems, etc.

3D visualization

Possibility to build a 3D-model of a document fragment. Examination of surface relief, detection of printing methods, and analysis of overlapping objects such as a signature and a stamp.

Large objects

Possibility to examine thick and large objects due to extended field of view and removable protective shields.

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Examples of Examination

Document examination in different light sources and operation modes

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Specialized Training

Training courses on document and banknote authentication

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Information Reference Systems

Databases of travel documents, banknotes, driver's licenses and vehicle registration certificates

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