Regula in Court expertise
Regula in Court expertise

Measurement of Magnetic Hysteresis Characteristics

The key feature of this Regula solution is the possibility to measure and evaluate the magnetic hysteresis characteristics of security features in documents and banknotes under different magnetization conditions, namely: saturation field intensity, saturation magnetic induction, residual magnetic induction, coercive force, and hysteresis loss.

Based on coercive force measurements, the device can classify magnetic security features in documents and banknotes by the type of ferromagnetic materials they contain (i.e. Soft, SemiHard, LoCo Hard / HiCo Hard).

The hysteresigraph performs the function of magnetic field tomography at various distances from an examined object surface. This function makes it possible to study 3D distribution of the magnetic field and perform integral assessment. A device with such functionality has no analogues in the world.

Intended Objects for Examination

Documents with magnetic security features

Examples of Examination

Efficient Solution for a Variety of Sectors

Security printing industry
Banks & financial agencies
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