Mobile Kit for In-Field VIN Examination

This device is a set of hardware and software products enabling visualization of the relief and structural inhomogeneity of the ferromagnetic metal surfaces without removing the lacquer and paint coating.

The delivery set comprises a magnetic copying tool kit (the magnetic scanner-demagnetizer with a set of replaceable concentrators, magnetic tape clamps, and magnetic tape cartridges), a USB device for magneto-optical imaging (the module is built into the device case), and the Spectral Luminescent Magnifier Regula 4177.

Regula 7505M is controlled via the NUCA software, which processes obtained images: it compares image fragments and measures linear and angular dimensions. The Spectral Luminescent Magnifier Regula 4177 is controlled via the Regula Forensics Studio software.

The whole process of examination and obtaining results takes only a couple of minutes.

Intended Objects for Examination

Vehicle identification numbers
Vehicle registration certificates
Driver’s licenses

Highlighted Features

Nondestructive examination

Provides visualization of the relief and structural inhomogeneity of metal surfaces with magnetic properties without removing the lacquer-and-paint coating.

Extended device set

The delivery set includes a spectral luminescent magnifier, Regula 4177, which is used for advanced authenticity verification of vehicle related documents. It includes white, UV, IR, and high-intensity incident light sources.

Autodocs database

A collection of document templates from 123 countries related to vehicle ownership and driving. It contains images of documents in different light sources, and their security features and techniques with detailed descriptions.

Corroded surface

Provides visualization of the relief and structural inhomogeneity of metal surfaces with magnetic properties without removing the lacquer-and-paint coating. It is also possible to study corroded and grinded surface of the objects that other examination methods do not provide.

Additional equipment

The eddy-current magnetographing device Regula 7515M (supplied optionally) helps to examine serial numbers on data carriers made of aluminum alloys and extends the capabilities of equipment when examining weak signals in the surface layers of ferromagnetic objects.

Portability and operability

Regula 7505M is built inside a protective case. There are three options of power supply sources: internal PC battery, PC external mains power supply source, and vehicle-on-board system with a nominal value of 12/24/48 V.

Rapid on-site examinations

Regula 7505M is a time-saving solution which not only provides you with the processed results in a minute but also makes it possible to perform 8 hours of nonstop examinations in the field.

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Efficient Solution for a Variety of Sectors

Insurance companies
Car rental and leasing companies
Court expertise

One-Stop Shop for Hardware, Software and Knowledge

Specialized Training

Training courses on document and banknote authentication

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Information Reference Systems

Databases of travel documents, banknotes, driver's licenses and vehicle registration certificates

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Examples of Examination

Document examination in different light sources and operation modes

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