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Regula Compact Identity Document Reader enables automatic data capture and identity verification in banks, hospitals, hotels, telecom companies, retailers, education centers, and many other organizations. Within mere seconds, identity document data is automatically and accurately filled in.

Regula’s in-house software, delivered with the device efficiently extracts data from visual and machine-readable zones, processes data from RFID chips, reads barcodes, and cross-compares the obtained data to spot fraud. Regula Compact Identity Document Reader is flexible and customizable, which makes integration with third-party systems smooth and easy.

Technologies Used

Identificación del tipo de documento

Automatic document type identification

Verify data from 12,000+ international documents.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert typed or printed text into digital data.

MRZ Reading


Scan and cross-check data from machine-readable zones.

RFID Reading


Verify documents equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips.

Graphical Data Extraction

Graphic fields processing

Automatically search and crop of signature, fingerprint, document holder's portrait to display as separate images.

Barcode Reading


Recognize all kinds of barcodes to accelerate operations.

Light Sources



Ultraviolet 365 nm

Coaxial white

Automated Identity Verification

1. The optical reader automatically detects a document in the scanning area of the device.

2. Document images are captured in different illumination modes.

3. Regula Document Reader SDK processes data and recognizes the document type.

4. The software performs document processing according to the template.

5. The results of the document verification are ready for further use.

6. The multicolor LED indicator on the device shows processing status.

Efficient Solution for a Variety of Sectors


Financial institutions


Immigration services

Specification Details

Regula Compact Identity Document Reader is a multi-illumination identity document reader that captures images in white, infrared, ultraviolet and white coaxial lights. The reader automatically scans documents in ID-1, ID-2, ID-3, and other document formats with a maximum size of 87×128 mm.

The device connects to a PC and charges via USB, and can be easily integrated into existing end-user systems with a software development kit (SDK).

Does not constitute а public offer

Below there are parameters for the flagship model 7037.111. For other models in the series, see full technical specifications.


Light sources

- white
- infrared
- ultraviolet 365 nm
- coaxial white

Scanning zone

87×128 mm (full passport page)


5 MP:
- resolution — 470 ± 3% ppi
- frame size — 2592×1944 pixels

RFID reader

Supported standards

ISO 14443: type A and B

Data exchange rate

106, 212, 424, 848 Kbaud

Smart card reader

Supported standards

ISO/IEC 7816-1, -2, -3, -4; EMV2000 4.1, Level 1

Data exchange rate

2–500 Kbaud

Smart card type

asynchronous, T = 0 and T = 1



148×140×95 mm


0.8 kg

Power supply voltage from a USB port

5 V


Regula Document Reader SDK

USB cable for connecting the reader to a PC

Specification for Document Reader SDK

Full Specification Regula 70X7


Regula Document Reader SDK

Document data readout: textual data readout
Document data readout: graphic data readout
Performed security checks in white light
Performed security checks in infrared light
Performed security checks in ultraviolet light
Checking photo embedding type: printing or attachment
Checking the blank of the document
Checking the personal data
Viewing the passport from IRS database
MRZ of the passport
Visual zone of the passport
RFID-chip of the passport
RFID-chip of the passport
Graphic data comparison of the passport
Security features of the passport
Security features of the passport

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