Document image capture and processing

Document formats

ID-1 (identity card)
ID-2 (passport card, visa)
ID-3 (passport)
other document formats up to 88×128 mm

Scanning process

document detection sensor
automatic scanning after document detection
elimination of glare from laminate and holograms for white and infrared illumination
compensation of external light hitting during image capture in UV light (Smart UV)
automatic intensity selection of UV illumination for a certain document type
search and cropping of a document image from a received image

Machine readable zone (MRZ)

Supported MRZ formats

in conformity with ICAO 9303:
in conformity with ISO IEC 18013 (IDL):
support of special MRZ data structure for documents of certain countries


search for the MRZ along the whole document image
MRZ recognition in infrared and white light
control of check digits and data structure in conformity with the requirements of ICAO 9303 and BSITR-03105 Part 5.1
evaluation of MRZ quality specifications in conformitywith ICAO 9303, ISO 7501, 1831, 1073-2 standards


Supported formats

1D: Codabar, Code39 (+extended), Code93,Code128, EAN-8, EAN-13, IATA 2 of 5 (Airline), Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), Matrix 2 of 5, STF (Industrial), UPC-A, UPC-E
2D: PDF417, Aztec Code, QR Code, Datamatrix
barcode format check

Automatic document type recognition

Order of document type recognition



receiving a document template from the SDK database containing the following information:
- text and graphic fields positionavailability of barcodes and security features
- authenticity verification and its parameters
- RFID-chip availability
- a reference image from Information Reference Systems «Passport», «Autodocs», «Frontline Documents System»
processing of the received document images in compliance with the sample, including document image rotation by the angle given in the sample

Graphic fields processing

Types of graphic fields

portrait of the document holder
fingerprint, etc


cropping and displaying graphic fields as separate images in compliance with the sample of the corresponding document
automatic searching of faces on the document image and cropping the document holder portrait if thedocument type is not recognized
document image rotation according to the documentholder portrait position

OCR of the visual zone

Recognition of character sets

Central European and Eastern European Latin (1250)
Cyrillic (1251)
Western European Latin (1252)
Greek (1253)
Turkish (1254)
Baltic (1257)
other fonts of any size


dictionary support (name, surname, address, country, etc.)
automatic text division into separate fields (e.g. dividing the address into postal code, country, state, etc.)
recognition of dates with complex formats
recognition of characters from different character sets in one line


Supported RFID-chip standards

ISO/IEC 14443-2 (type А and B)
ISO/IEC 14443-3 (MIFARE® Classic Protocol)
ISO/IEC 14443-4

Data access modes



active (AA)
passive (PA)
chip (CA v1, CA v2)
terminal (TA v1, TA v2)

Supported applications

ePassport (DG1–DG16)
eID (DG1–DG21)
eDL (DG1–DG14)

Certificate management

local storage
receiving certificates online
through the program interface
Master List, CRL support


reading RFID chips with extended length support
reading RFID chips in compliance with ICAO LDS 1.7, PKI 1.1 data formats
certified by BSI TR-03105 Part 5.1, BSI TR-03105 Part 5.2

Analysis and comparison of text data

Document areas for cross-checking of the readout data

contact chip (Smart Card)


validity of any dates
authenticity of names and surnames according to lists of wordstops
zero numbers of sample documents

Adjustment of formats and measuring units to those used in the user OS

height, etc.


complete or partial comparison of fields
integration of data received from several document pages
calculated field support (age, etc.)
transliteration to Latin characters in compliance with ICAO 9303 standards for comparison with the MRZ

Authenticity verification

Operation available for any document

checking luminescence (UV Dull Paper) of:
- the form
- the MRZ area
- the portrait area
checking the MRZ print contrast in compliance with ICAO 9303(IR B900 Ink)

Operations available after document type recognition

checking image patterns in white, IR and UV light
checking luminescence of UV protection fibers
detection of false luminescence
checking photo embedding type: printing or attachment
checking IR Visibility of:
- elements of the form
- text data
- the photograph (main and additional)
detection of holograms (OVD), OVI
reading a luminescent text and comparing it with the data obtained from the MRZ and VIZ (OCR SecurityText)
visualization of IPI (Invisible Personal Information)
checking retroreflective protection
checking barcode format


checking operations are adjusted to documents with different degrees of wear and tear
the choice of checking operations depends on security features available in a questioned document

Additional SDK functions

Image formats

other image formats are possible on request


comparison modules:
- fingerprint images from RFID chip and external fingerprint scanner
- face images from document data page and/or RFID chip
Information Reference Systems «Passport», «Autodocs», «Frontline Documents System»

OS compatibility

Windows 7 (x86, x64), Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11


Microsoft certified


simultaneous optical scanning and RFID chip reading firmware upgrade via USB interface (automaticupgrade after installing new SDK version)
multilingual interface

Software updates


twice a year

Document template database


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