A Self-sufficient Portable Reader for Pressing Tasks

Regula 7308 gives you the power to handle ID verification anywhere independently. No need to transfer the data: the built-in computer processes and analyzes it on-board. Hook up any device—a smartphone, tablet, or a laptop—to visualize the output.

Mobile Document Reader Regula 7308

Instant Reading of ID Documents

Driver licence
ID cards

Highlighted Features

Fully-autonomous device

  • A built-in PC with 1.1GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB SSD
  • 1 external USB 2.0 port for connecting peripherals (e.g., fingerprint scanner)
  • WLAN
  • Reinforced body with a shoulder strap
  • Two rechargeable batteries

Large-scale capabilities you can carry with you

Regula 7308 is the most compact portable reader that can scan and verify the full passport page in one go.

Capture images in white, infrared, ultraviolet, and coaxial lights. Fetch data encoded in RFID chips (depends on the configuration). And you can do all of this for 8 hours in a row without recharging.

The advanced OCR eliminates the issue of manual data entry: it automatically recognizes and digitizes any text, even engraved and embossed text. As the device comes with an SDK, you can further transfer the gathered data into your existing systems. 

Extra durable dust - and waterproof hard plastic body. Two rechargeable batteries you can replace without switching off the device. A wide adjustable shoulder strap to comfortably carry the reader throughout the day.

Efficient Solution for a Variety of Sectors

Police stations

Border control

Aviation security

Immigration services

Does not constitute а public offer

Below there are parameters for the flagship model 7308.111. For other models in the series, see full technical specifications.


Light sources

- white
- infrared 870 nm
- ultraviolet 365 nm
- coaxial white

Scanning zone

88×128 mm (full passport page)


3.1 MP:
- resolution — 380 ppi
- frame size — 2048×1536 pixels

1 MP:
- resolution — 180 ppi
- frame size — 1024×768 pixels

RFID reader

Supported standards

ISO 14443: type A and B

Data exchange rate

106, 212, 424, 848 Kbaud

Built-in PC


min 1.1 GHz


2 Gb


SSD 32 Gb

Peripheral connectivity

USB 2.0 port for connection of peripherals

Wireless network (Wi-Fi)

up to 150 Mbps speed



225×170×102 mm


1.7 kg

Power supply

two rechargeable batteries — min 4.4/7.2 Ah/V

Time of autonomous operation

7.5 h


Regula Document Reader SDK

Specification for Document Reader SDK

Full Specification Regula 7308


Regula Document Reader SDK

Document data readout: textual data readout
Document data readout: graphic data readout
Performed security checks in white light
Performed security checks in infrared light
Performed security checks in ultraviolet light
Checking photo embedding type: printing or attachment
Checking the blank of the document
Checking the personal data
Viewing the passport from IRS database
MRZ of the passport
Visual zone of the passport
RFID-chip of the passport
Text data comparison of the passport
Graphic data comparison of the passport
Security features of the passport
Security features of the passport

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