13 Types of Inks and Hologram in One Object

The Test Object Regula 4300 contains a hologram and elements produced with the use of modern inks. Such elements are used as security features in security document and banknote production.

  • Ink that fluoresces in UV light 400 nm
  • Ink that fluoresces in UV light 254, 313, 365 nm and IR light 980 nm (anti-Stokes effect)
  • The hologram applied by embossing from the master matrix
  • Photochromic ink that fluoresces after being exposed to UV light
  • Iridescent ink
  • Ink visible in IR light 870 nm
  • Ink that is invisible (slightly visible) in IR light 870 nm
  • Metameric inks
  • IR luminescent inks
  • Optically variable inks (OVI). Clockwise polarization effect
  • Ink with linear polarization
  • Ink with anticlockwise and clockwise polarization effect
  • Thermochromic ink that changes color when heated
  • Printed with magnetic ink.
  • Element for camera focus adjustment

What is the Test Object Used for

Device settings

You can check if all the light sources of the device used are working correctly

Training workshops

The Test Object is an excellent demonstration sample for all types of trainings

Comparative studies

You can use it as a set of reference images for comparison with objects under study

Efficient Solution for a Variety of Sectors

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Security printing industry
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Independent experts
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