Ihar Kliashchou

Chief Technology Officer, Regula

Ihar Kliashchou is responsible for the strategic development of ID verification technologies and Regula’s products. A key contributor to the company's R&D of new ways to prevent fraud, Ihar also leads international technological cooperation efforts, including projects with institutional organizations and EU strategies on ID verification.

How to Verify a Passport Like a Pro

From lobbies of luxury hotels to taxi cabs, businesses increasingly require passport verification. Yet, the task falls to employees who, of course, aren't forensic experts.

Top-Notch Document Processing Worldwide: Egypt

Egyptian ID documents have some unique fields. For example, passports indicate profession, ID cards specify religion, and married women also have their husband's name on their ID cards.

Driver’s License Verification: A Plan for Effective Implementation

A step-by-step roadmap for implementing effective driver’s license verification in your organization.

How OCR Technology Streamlines Identity Verification

In this article, we’ll see how OCR works in the context of identity verification, and take a look at its benefits and challenges.

Top-Notch ID Document Processing Worldwide: Sri Lanka

Discover the most interesting attributes of Sri Lankan ID cards, driver’s licenses, and passports.

Top-Notch ID Document Processing Worldwide: Latvia

Starting in 2021, the country has completely redesigned all key identity documents in circulation. It's critical that the provider whose document verification solutions you use has updated its document sample database in a timely manner.

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