Jan Stepnov

Identity Verification Expert, Regula

At Regula, Jan Stepnov works on Identity Verification and Biometrics projects spanning Travel, Hospitality, Finance, Telecoms, and beyond, addressing challenges in digital transformation and innovation. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics, as well as a Master’s degree in Quantum Radiophysics.

9-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Identity Verification Software

The market for identity verification solutions offers a wide range of options. As always, the devil is in the details.

What Is Identity Proofing & What Proofing Techniques Does It Imply?

People often use identity proofing and verification as synonyms. We wouldn’t say they are wrong, as in fact, there’s a fine line between the terms. Let’s find out.

The What and The How of Automated Document Verification

Document verification has become a legal requirement for a variety of businesses. However, time-consuming manual checks and data entry slow down the process and are prone to human error.

Automated Data Entry for Travel & Hospitality Companies

When staff members type in document details by hand, the guests checking in risk getting stuck in lines. Today’s tech allows you to fill in guests' data in a matter of seconds.

Why Do You Need Identity Data Entry Automation in 2023?

As businesses, especially regulated ones, go digital, they need to rely on automated identity document processing to onboard their clients. As good as that sounds, there’s one problem with it—it could be better.

What Is an Age Verification System and Why Incorporate It Into Your Business

How remote age verification systems work, what different kinds there are, and what industries need to implement them.

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