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Luciditi, a UK Digital Identification Platform, Chose Regula to Reach New Horizons in Trustworthy ID Verification

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Luciditi is a newly launched digital identification platform which offers a reliable identity verification service and secure storage of sensitive ID and biometric data for UK users. Via the Luciditi App, users can safely authenticate their identities across multiple organizations, checking who is requesting information before sending it and having the option of automatic revocation when needed. For businesses, Luciditi makes it possible to embed customer identification and verified data exchange into their onboarding, ID verification, and customer service workflow.


Regula Document Reader SDK lies at the core of Luciditi platform – it is responsible for fast and convenient remote user onboarding and reverification, in case their ID is expired or replaced.
We are truly satisfied with the Regula solution. Our market research showed that it’s the most comprehensive ID verification technology for our requirements, which gives us the needed level of assurance of our own product quality. Regula software and the document template database are being constantly updated, and that’s an important advantage for us, as we know that our crucial provider will continue to make progress alongside Luciditi so we don’t need to worry about recognizing document types that are yet to come. Plus, we got a really flexible pricing model and a lot of help and guidance all along the way of our interaction with the Regula team.

— Philip Young, Cto And Co-founder Of Arissian, Creator Of Luciditi


To verify someone’s identity, Luciditi employs authentication technologies, including document proofing. That is why they needed a reliable ID verification partner that could provide the ultimate quality of document checks. Since the platform has a general application and is suitable for any industry or service, it was vital to support a large variety of identity documents, since operators’ requirements may differ a lot. In other words, Luciditi App needed to be able to recognize and verify not only regular ID cards or passports, but also more rare documents, as well as electronic and biometric IDs. Moreover, as a startup, Luciditi required a more flexible pricing model, which could be scaled to match the growth of their business.


After doing market research, Luciditi made their choice in favor of Regula ID verification technologies. For the purposes of automatic document recognition and verification and accurate data extraction, Luciditi platform employed Regula Document Reader SDK. The solution was embedded in both the mobile and web versions of the platform to provide a smooth user experience across a variety of devices.

Packed with innovative ID verification technologies based on decades of forensic research, Regula Document Reader SDK provides an unrivaled depth of document checks. The solution:

  • accurately extracts and parses data from any type of identity document
  • expertly analyzes data in order to spot any inconsistencies, such as irrelevant country codes, wrong date records, invalid document numbers and so on
  • instantly reads and verifies data from machine-readable zones (MRZs) and barcodes
  • securely extracts data from RFID chips in biometric and electronic IDs via NFC technology and verifies that the chip is genuine, not a clone
  • cross-compares all the data within the document in order to spot any illegal alterations.

Apart from technological sophistication, Regula Document Reader SDK is backed up with the world’s largest document template database, which counts over 11,500 ID templates from 248 countries and territories. Thanks to this database, the Regula solution is able to recognize and read nearly all identity documents regardless of their type or country of origin. Moreover, it is able to lexically analyze documents in 138 languages and make required transliterations from national alphabets and special characters.


With a reliable ID authentication process and secure data storage, Luciditi platform paved the way for easy and simple identity verification in multiple industries – Finance, Legal, Gaming and Gambling, OEM Software Development, and Physical Access Control, to name just a few. The onboarding process is fully automated and user-friendly. And it creates mutual trust between users and organizations, as all parties are sure of the quality of the ID checks and the security of data exchange.

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