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Regula Helps Biometrid Scale Their No-Code Identity Verification Solution on International Markets

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Biometrid is a Portuguese company that has now gone global. It specializes in remote identity verification and onboarding, using artificial intelligence and multimodal biometric solutions (voice, facial and contextual behavior). Its no-code software solution is advanced and easy to implement, so that companies can onboard, authenticate and validate identity in a fast, intuitive and compliant process.

Over 100 companies use Biometrid for KYC compliance, remote subscription for contracting services, and authentication for access to secure areas. With this technology, customers worldwide can open bank accounts or investment funds, create retail records, hire public services, check in at hotels and airlines, and even access football matches.


As Biometrid began to expand internationally, they started to get more and more customers from the financial and government sectors who needed to serve end users of different nationalities. Companies in those sectors need to ensure regulatory and legal compliance when identifying users, without increasing friction and service complexity. That’s why it became crucial for Biometrid to find a solution that covers a wide range of identity documents, in order to be able to recognize nearly every ID document template worldwide.

The old solution they were using for identity document verification had difficulty scaling internationally. There are still challenges recognizing documents in countries where paper ID documents are still in use, such as Brazil, Mozambique and Bolivia.


Biometrid conducted extensive market research to find a reliable international identity document verification solution. In the end, they chose Regula Document Reader SDK to serve as their main identity verification tool for international markets.

Regula’s innovative ID verification technologies, based on decades of forensic research, enable Biometrid to accurately extract and verify data from nearly any type of identity document. Regula Document Reader SDK allowed them to build a fully automated identity verification flow. Using the OCR technology, which supports more than 130 languages and scripts, Biometrid can instantly analyze a document’s layout with the assistance of Regula’s extensive document template database, automatically recognize fields, and accurately extract and parse the data. The authenticity checks cross-validate the data among all the security features in the document and ensure the document is genuine. At the end of the flow, all the extracted and processed data can be securely exported to a customer’s system via smooth integration. All the information is encrypted and safe from leaks or misuse.

The important advantage of integrating Regula Document Reader SDK, apart from its technological capabilities, is that Biometrid can process a wide range of international IDs, since the solution is backed up by the world’s largest document template database, containing over 12,000 document templates from 248 countries and territories.


Regula allows us to have a global offering, especially as Biometrid is moving towards an international presence. With over 12,000 recognised document templates worldwide, we can ensure a fast and secure KYC process in major markets.



Biometrid was pleased with how the integration process went – Regula’s solution turned out to be fast and smooth, and as a result, it was easy to license and ensure compliance for Biometrid’s customers from the financial and government sectors. The ability to train the solution to recognize new documents also served as an advantage.

The new reliable and accurate ID verification process made it possible for Biometrid to recognize more documents from all around the world, improve service for its current clients, and explore new opportunities for international collaboration.

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