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Regula Helps South Korean Government Improve Forensic Research Throughout Asia

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LOGICHAIN and Regula

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LOGICHAIN provides complex solutions for the verification of various documents and products. Specializing in digital forensics, the company acts as a contractor for governmental projects aimed at elevating public security and combating counterfeits in South Korea and other Asian countries.


LOGICHAIN was chosen as a provider of forensic equipment in a large-scale governmental project in South Korea, Official Development Assistance (ODA), whose goal was to improve public security and facilitate legal and forensic processes in emerging Asian countries. At the first stage of realization of the ODA project, the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the executor, was determined to provide forensic laboratories in Mongolia with high-class equipment to uplevel their research abilities, both in document examination and crime investigation.


As a solutions provider in the ODA project, LOGICHAIN opted for powerful and advanced examination of all kinds of documents with the help of magnetic technology. As a result, the company offered the two-coordinate magneto-optical scanner Regula 7701M, which was eventually shipped to the National Institute of Forensic Science in Mongolia.

The Regula 7701M is designed for non-destructive advanced examination of banknotes, securities, and documents with magnetic security features, such as security fibers, barcodes, or any other element printed with magnetic inks. With the help of this device, a forensic expert can differentiate security features made of magnetically soft and/or magnetically hard materials, and thus prove or question the authenticity of a document.

The Regula 7701M can:

  • visualize and examine the magnetic patterns of questioned documents;
  • detect the magnetic properties of dyes;
  • examine damaged documents, such as blurred and crossed-out texts printed with magnetic ink;
  • assess the magnetic properties of document security features, such as the distribution of magnetic induction and magnetic flux modulus.

The Regula 7701M has become an essential tool at the Mongolian National Institute of Forensic Science for fighting counterfeit crime. In particular, the device is now used as the main method for examining banknotes.


The Regula 7701M has changed the way the Mongolian entity fulfills its tasks. Previously, all the work was human-centered, and the expertise of a forensic specialist was indispensable in proving the authenticity of a document or a banknote. Now, the organization has a scientific tool that relies on the magnetic features of documents, and this significantly improves the accuracy of document examination.


We have been partners with Regula for more than 15 years, and all this time we have been improving forensic expertise in numerous projects globally. It’s an honor for us to join the ODA initiative with a high-class Regula device. We see that it takes all the forensic work to the next level, bringing the required accuracy and trustworthiness.

—Ken Oak, Managing Director at LOGICHAIN

The South Korean government plans to extend the ODA project to other countries in Asia, particularly Vietnam and Bangladesh. Witnessing the positive impact of introducing forensic devices into research, KOICA intends to continue using Regula’s developments further.

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