Regula in Banks & financial agencies
Regula in Banks & financial agencies

Advanced Examination of Magnetic Security Features

Regula 7701M is designed for carrying out non-destructive examinations of large documents (up to 335×297 mm) with magnetic properties.

The wide functionality of the device includes construction and comparative analysis of the magnetic patterns of examined documents, detection of the magnetic properties of dyes, examination of magnetic security features, reading of invisible magnetic strokes and codes, examination of damaged documents – reading of blurred and crossed out texts printed with magnetic ink, and assessment of the magnetic parameters of document security features: distribution of magnetic induction and magnetic flux modulus.

In addition, Regula 7701М provides the possibility to carry out a comparative assessment of the magnetic properties of document protection elements. The Magnetic Measurements function in Regula 7701M makes it possible not only to obtain a histogram of the normal component of magnetic induction Bn (in Tesla) for a frame and to calculate the module of the magnetic flux Фn (in Weber) in that frame area, but also to compare the distance (d) between the histogram of an examined document and that of a sample. Comparing the obtained parameters (Bn, Фn, d) of the examined document and the sample makes it possible to draw a conclusion as to the authenticity of the document and the degree of damage and/or wear to the magnetic image.

The device can be supplied together with the demagnetizer Regula 7751, which is intended to improve the accuracy of magnetic parameter measurements.

Regula 7701M is controlled via CADR software, which can capture, process, and store images of examined objects.

Intended Objects for Examination

ID Cards
Passport stamps
Signatures and handwritten notes
Vehicle registration certificates
Driver’s licenses
Revenue stamps

Highlighted Features

Effective magnetization system

Effective magnetization system and high sensitivity of the scanner allow examining magnetic materials with a low level of leakage flux.

Detachable magnetization system

It is intended to differentiate security features made of magnetically soft and magnetically hard materials.

Additional equipment

The demagnetizer Regula 7751 can demagnetize of magnetic security features and their magnetization to a state of magnetic saturation.

CADR software

Specialized software enables to measure images of examined documents and compare them with the samples.

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Examples of Examination

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