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Regula Improves Data Entry Speed and Accuracy for Skylegs Aviation Management Platform

Automated data entry

Time-saving: from 3 minutes per ID to a couple of seconds

6,500 users in 25 countries

Skylegs is an aviation management platform for aircraft operators who manage commercial, private, and specialized flights, and all the people involved, including passengers and crews. The online platform and apps make any partnering company’s workflow more efficient, and increase the productivity of the entire team. The complete flight management software connects all processes: scheduling, crew roster, training, document control, safety management, quotations, and others.

Skylegs works with 90 operators across 25 countries. Their platform is used by more than 6,500 people.


One of the crucial steps in managing aircraft operations is entering passengers’ ID data. When the Skylegs platform was launched, this task was meant to be done manually by the aircraft crew. However, experience in the field proved that such an approach was not efficient: it was lengthy and prone to human error, such as typos.

As a response to these challenges, Skylegs decided to change the process and introduce automated data entry with the help of an identity verification (IDV) solution. The requirements were twofold: to elevate customers’ satisfaction and contribute to ease of use, but also make the workflow fast and accurate.


After trial periods with a number of IDV products, Skylegs opted for Regula Document Reader SDK to enable automated data reading and extraction from passports, ID cards, and other travel documents. Unlike the other solutions that Skylegs tested, Regula never failed to provide fast and trustworthy results, and thus perfectly met the company’s top requirements: speed and accuracy.

Regula Document Reader SDK relies on Regula’s proprietary document template database, which is the most comprehensive in the world. Currently, it contains over 13,000 templates of IDs from 247 countries and territories, with all their security features meticulously described. Such an extensive database makes it possible to recognize and verify nearly every identity document, regardless of its type or country of origin. For an aviation management platform, it’s a real game-changer, since its customers can come from any corner of the world.

Thanks to its easy integration, Regula Document Reader SDK was implemented into the Skylegs infrastructure in a plug-and-play manner, which accelerated the transition period and made data entry automation possible even faster.


Entering passenger and crew data into the Skylegs platform is now fast and easy: simply scan a document, and get instant results. When performed manually, this operation used to require up to three minutes per document—now, it’s done in a snap.

Also, automated data entry eliminates delays and mistakes, which can be very costly to any aviation company. Using Regula’s solution, airline staff can be sure that all passengers’ IDs have been processed properly and the information is accurate and reliable.


We tried other solutions, but they were too ‘generic’ and we needed specialists. We came to the conclusion that only Regula could interpret a vast array of documents accurately, reliably, and quickly. We are very satisfied with Regula and their rapid, accurate, and reliable solution. We’ve seen the potential at the pilot stage and we witness its efficiency upon the project completion. We have also received positive feedback from our clients who say that data entry automation has made their jobs easier, faster, and more precise.

—Maxim Schelfhout, Managing Director at Skylegs

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