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Regula Document Verification Helped Portuguese Border Authorities Adapt to COVID-19

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Portuguese Immigration and Border Service (SEF)

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Portuguese border authorities have managed to rapidly adapt their procedures to the COVID-19 era with the help of Regula solutions.


SEF Mobile has become an essential tool to increase the efficiency and safety of SEF inspectors at the various land border posts. Simply and instantly, it allows the gathering and validation of a set of data from several identifying documents, without the need for physical contact between said documents and the inspectors.

— Erica Santos, SEF Official


Regula cooperated with Portugal-based Present Technologies to develop a mobile app solution for the Portuguese Immigration and Border Service (SEF). With the integration of Regula Document Reader SDK, the SEF mobile app is now able to authenticate identity documents without the need for a border agent to physically touch them.


The solution facilitates more than 75,000 inspections per month.

Regula is proud to be involved in projects of national significance. Trusted to the level of border control authorities, Regula solutions are used by 80 of such authorities globally.

While the latest deployment is timely in facilitating contactless activities at a time of social distancing, it also reflects a broader trend that has seen handheld devices increasingly used in border control applications.

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