Businesses in every industry are about to digitize the whole user journey. From opening a bank account to getting medical treatment or buying goods - companies are using digital tools to connect people and fulfill their needs. However, with these new opportunities, the digital environment opens up a door to potential risks and frauds.
Face matching is important for the identity verification process because it helps to ensure that the person claiming to be a particular individual is in fact that individual.

It analyzes and identifies individuals based on their facial features and processes facial images to extract unique characteristics. This is particularly important in situations where personal information such as name, address or social security number can be easily obtained by someone who is not authorized to use it.
Regula’s Face matching technology helps to prevent biometric fraud in a safe and secure way.

Face Matching for Identity Proofing

Regula Face SDK provides a convenient and powerful way to compare two or more images and find out how similar faces are. Its face matching technology instantly matches a portrait to another reference photo to find potential matches.
Pairing with Document Reader SDK, Regula Face SDK matches the portrait to all possible photos in the document within one request.

It instantly compares a photo/selfie from web or mobile device against a photo from an ID document printed portrait, RFID chip, ghost or any secondary photo, visible under different lights or an external portrait from your database. Moreover, if a selfie and a document are in one picture, the technology instantly compares them with the one shot identification functionality.

How Face Matching works

1. User takes a selfie
2. Facial detection technology identifies the face in an image
3. Within one session Regula algorithms determine whether the image in ID and the selfie of individual are a match and defines similarity rate percentage
4. Processing results are reflected in one response

Upload or take a photo of an identity document

Regula’s face matching technology allows comparison of an existing portrait with a secondary / “ghost” portrait in the document to detect any mismatches or manipulations. There are 4 different cases supported with primary and secondary portraits being:

face matching online

Visible on the same page

face matching online for free

On different pages (front and back reverse of an the ID, for example)

face matching online by Regula

Photo as a kinegram

Regula face matching online

On the same page but visible in different light sources

Regula Technology Highlights

  • 100% automated
  • 99.7% accuracy rate
  • Match results are under few seconds
  • Cross-comparison of portraits from various sources 
  • 100% on-premise
  • Spoof attacks detection

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Together with other technologies and advanced cross-checks with OCR, MRZ, barcode, RFID reading, and document type identification, Face Matching technology ensures high-level accuracy during identity verification and automated data entry from thousands of identity document types.

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Liveness Detection

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Barcode Reading

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