Shadow Image

A tonal image seen in transmitted light; produced by altering the opacity or the colour of a polymer substrate layer. The element is similar to a watermark in the cotton-paper banknote.


Depends on the location on a banknote:

  • Local is a shadow image located in a particular area of a banknote (fig. 1, a);
  • Strip is shadow images located one above another in a particular area of a banknote (fig. 1, b).

Depends on the tone gradation:

  • Single-tone – consists of darker (or lighter) elements compared to the general tone (fig. 2, a);
  • Duotone – consist of darker and lighter elements (fig. 2, b);
  • Multi-tone (half-atone) – an image with gradual transitions between darker and lighter areas (fig. 2, c).

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