Press release - February 2, 2022

Regula Marks a Milestone With 10,000 Unique ID Document Templates in the Database

Regula, identity verification solutions provider and manufacturer of expert forensic devices has reached a milestone, releasing a database that includes over 10,000 unique ID document templates.

For 29 years, Regula has been working to make the world a safer place. Starting with forensic science systems, it also provides identity verification solutions now. Their unique forensic and document expertise and their own in-house forensics laboratory led to the successful synergy of identity verification solutions and expert forensic devices.

Regula has developed a comprehensive template database that can validate nearly any type of identity document from any part of the world. They range from standard documents, such as passports, ePassports, and driving licenses, to more specialised forms of IDs, such as marine licenses, refugee cards, and voter cards, from 248 countries and territories, with the support of 138 languages. Many templates contain multiple unique versions of these documents, making the authenticity check even more efficient. The full list of templates is available here.

The work of Regula’s in-house experts is always ongoing; old templates are constantly updated and new templates are added on a daily basis. On average, a new identity document can be added to the database in just one day. Before being added to the template database, the document is processed in white, ultraviolet, and infrared lights. Each specific parameter of the document is examined and described by the document expert. Each finite detail influences faster and more efficient fraudulent identity document detection.

This year alone, Regula has added approximately 1140 ID document templates. Regula obtains these document templates from several trusted sources, including government authorities’ publications, as well as samples provided by clients. 


The synergy of our in-house forensics laboratory, document database experts, together with proprietary OCR, AI, machine learning, and other technologies worked extremely well. More than 10,000 unique identity documents templates is a remarkable number. That achievement advances our technologies further. Every new identity document template in the database advances our AI, making Regula identity verification solutions faster & more precise.

— Ihar Kliaschou, Chief Technology Officer at Regula

The development of this database represents another significant step forward for Regula and its clients, including industry leaders and government authorities. With the largest unique ID document templates database, Regula supports these clients with global reach and scaling orientation. Whether providing automated check-in for a global aviation company or improving onboarding for an international bank, Regula’s extensive database covers it all, helping businesses to scale efficiently, detect fraudulent IDs, automate work, and lower costs.

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