Media coverage - January 11, 2023

Recovery Gone Wild: How Can Airlines Cope With Increasing Passenger Travel and Some of the Penalties Incurred?

The aviation industry has been rapidly recovering from the pandemic. Through the summer and fall of this year, crowded airports were a regular occurrence in many European countries. Though the dynamics are positive—it is expected that total passenger numbers will reach 3.4bn in 2023, up from 2.3bn in 2021—this jump-start has been quite challenging for the industry.

In addition to overwhelmed airport staff and passengers, this situation poses additional risks for airlines encountering difficulties coping with such a traffic avalanche. A dramatically increased number of travelers requires an increased focus from the airline staff that guides passengers through the check-in and boarding process. They have to ensure all the personal data of the passengers is correct and valid, that all the required fields are filled in properly, and that the travelers have all the documents they need to get to their destination, including vaccine certificates and other Covid-related documents.


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