Press release - July 13, 2023

The Revamped Regula 4306: Thorough Document Verification With New Light Sources

The best-in-class, yet compact video spectral comparator Regula 4306, has been relaunched with two new features that are highly demanded by forensic experts. They help enhance document examination capabilities to reveal the use of counterfeits and forgeries and fight identity fraud even more effectively.


The update of the Regula 4306 is centered around light sources that are indispensable for thorough document examination, including relief and various security features, especially those invisible to the naked eye. The redesigned device boasts of a new light source for the analysis of anti-Stokes luminescence, as well as the possibility to regulate the angle of oblique light, which is vital for certain tasks.


Anti-Stokes luminescence is a special effect of anti-Stokes inks used in various identity documents and banknotes as a security feature. Such inks glow when exposed to infrared light of high intensity. Adding a special light source into the Regula 4306 to enable the verification of anti-Stokes luminescence enhances the capabilities of the device and makes this compact video spectral comparator even more powerful. Moreover, the new light source for anti-Stokes verification operates in live mode, which means experts are able to find the appropriate security features, especially the tiniest ones, much faster, since they tend to elude detection in static mode.

USA, passport issued in 2020, data page, anti-Stokes, green luminescence seen in the Regula 4306

The data page of the US passport issued in 2020 glows with anti-Stokes green luminescence in a new light source in the Regula 4306

As for the revamped oblique light in the Regula 4306, it’s now manually regulated. This type of light helps forensic experts and document examinators visualize the relief of a document and its security features. When an expert can regulate the angle of oblique light, the examination process becomes more precise and efficient.

This featured light source helps in the investigation of bribery cases. For instance, a bribery sum may be handwritten in a notepad, and the page with that inscription may be torn out later. If an expert happens to examine this notepad in oblique light, they will see the relief left from the inscription on other pages in the notepad.

The relief of an inscription seen with the help of the Regula 4306 in white oblique light

The relief of the inscription made on another page in a notepad is seen with the help of the Regula 4306 in white oblique light

The internal redesign of the Regula 4306 has affected its exterior. First, it’s got a dedicated knob on the side panels to regulate the angle of oblique light. Second, the light sources of the device look different, since they got a new capability added for anti-Stokes luminescence.  

Regula 4306

The redesigned Regula 4306


Regula 4306 has long been one of our most iconic devices, widely used in forensic laboratories, at border control points and customs, in banks and financial institutions, and in many other organizations. Being equipped with a high-resolution camera, a range of light sources and filters, and providing broad opportunities for document examination, including hyperspectral imaging and 3D visualization, this device still has a compact size and appealing price. We keep updating and redesigning it since we know it’s in high demand. Throughout the design process, we are driven by our customers' needs, and this update is no exception.

— Alex Lewanowicz, Director of Hardware Engineering at Regula

To learn more about the revamped Regula 4306, please follow this link:

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