Press release - June 8, 2021 Partners with Regula to Bring KYC to Ad Targeting

The partnership allows marketers to reward consumers for engaging with advertisements while ensuring the verification of users and eliminating fraud., the digital advertising platform that lets online marketers reward users for interacting with ads, announces the integration with the Regula Document Reader SDK to cover the full know-your-customer (KYC) process. The partnership mitigates the risk of fraud and delivers a verified audience to advertisers.

Regula is a global software and hardware manufacturer focused on the verification of identity documents, banknotes, and securities. With 28 years of experience, Regula is a trusted name to experts in both the private and public sectors worldwide. The company has the industry’s largest database of document templates and uses artificial intelligence to automatically determine document type and reveal the visual signs of fraud. Proprietary Face Matching and Liveness Detection technologies make Regula a one-stop solution for identity verification. is a digital advertising platform that enables consumers to earn rewards for interacting with advertisements. The company uses blockchain technology to allow advertisers to reward consumers with ASK, the platform’s native digital currency, for signing up, providing profile and preference data, engaging with video ads, referring friends, and other activities. 



Digital Advertising is ripe for a change. Big tech exploits user data, and click fraud is estimated to grow into an $87 billion business in 2021. The major platforms grade their own homework, so to speak, and advertisers are getting the short end of the stick. Too often, the ads they pay to deliver are not even being seen. Permission is bringing the change this industry needs by respecting user data and by delivering to advertisers superior targeting and better ROI on their considerable spend.

— Charles Silver, CEO of


Financial technology needs the most secure protection from fraud, and we’re happy to share our expertise in document forensics with emerging industry leaders to ensure clear and reliable fraud detection while onboarding and asset management. Our web and mobile products have been designed to meet the requirements of fintech and to be seamlessly integrable into any scenario and interface.

— Arif Mamedov, President of Regula Forensics Inc.

Regula Document Reader SDK parses documents and extracts personal data, eliminating manual data input and minimizing mistakes. When it comes to data validation, Regula’s technology cross-checks the data obtained from MRZ, VIZ, and barcodes. The process of user identification is completed with face matching in seconds, while the personal data is secured by the internal Permission network. “We are very excited to add Regula’s invaluable expertise to our promise to prevent identity fraud and deliver a delightful user experience,” Silver said.


About is the leading platform for permission advertising for eCommerce. The company has created the ASK digital currency to enable individuals to securely grant permission and monetize their data on and 3rd-party e-commerce platforms. Advertisers reward consumers with ASK for interacting with brands and content, building trust, and increasing ROI. To learn more, visit

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