Press release - June 25, 2021

Regula Together With INTERPOL is Carrying Out Training on Travel Document Examination in Brazil

On June 21-25, the National Institute of Criminalistics in Brasilia hosted a training for forensic experts on security document examination. This is the 9th training delivered jointly by our company and INTERPOL’s Counterfeit and Security Documents Branch (CCSD).

The training was held in a combined format – onsite (Regula) plus online (INTERPOL). The theoretical part was devoted to document security features and Interpol’s role in combating document fraud in the world. The practical part was focused on the ways of detecting fraudulent documents.

During the training, the participants used Regula equipment specially delivered to Brasilia for this occasion. The equipment included the dual-video spectral comparator Regula 4308, the document authenticity verification device Regula 4205D, the spectral luminescent magnifier Regula 4177, the magnifier Regula 1003M as well as the information reference system “Secure Documents Ultimate”.

Similar events were previously held in Argentina (2016), Cambodia (2016), Costa Rica (2017), Indonesia (2017), Kenya (2018), Nigeria (2019), Turkmenistan (2019) and Saudi Arabia (2020).

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