Press release - December 16, 2022

Regula Held Training for the Czech Border Police to Uplevel Their Expertise in Document Authentication

In late November, Regula hosted a specialized training for the Forensic Department of the Ministry of the Interior’s Border Police of the Czech Republic. The course was held to educate border control officers to effectively use Regula’s devices for document authentication and to upskill their proficiency in recognizing and verifying security features in various IDs. All the participants showed an elevated interest in training and performed outstandingly thanks to their previous experience with Regula’s hardware and expertise in document verification. Upon finishing training, the Czech border control experts were acknowledged with certificates from Regula.

Such training is a long-established business area for Regula, which is based on the company’s 30 years of experience in design and production of forensic and identity verification devices, as well as the profound knowledge of all sorts of identity documents and banknotes.

For the Czech Forensic Department of the Ministry of the Interior’s Border Police the training was focused on the expert use of Regula 4307 and Regula 4308 Video Spectral Comparators. This hardware allows for an advanced examination and authentication of any documents, banknotes, art, and collectibles. These are time-tested devices for inspecting documents under high magnification and different light sources to detect the slightest aberrations. Both video spectral comparators are trusted by law enforcement and border control organizations all over the world.

Regula Held Training for the Czech Border Police

The training for the Czech border control was made possible thanks to support of NORITEK, Regula’s valued partner in the Czech Republic, which had a key role in the supply of the devices to modernize and improve the abilities of local laboratories of the Czech Border Police in all districts of the country.


We have been cooperating with Regula for nearly seven years. The main criteria for the Czech border police’s choosing Regula equipment was the reliable, robust, and modern solution at a very competitive price. The professional training provided by highly skilled Regula’s experts was the last part of this project and it was especially valuable regarding the spectrometer and hyperspectral analysis functions. This kind of training is very important to extend and maximize the operators’ knowledge and support exchanging experiences and case studies. The training was completed successfully and highly appreciated by all participants. It is a continuous process and we are looking forward to hosting further training with Regula in the near future.

— Jiří Votýpka, CEO at NORITEK

Earlier this year Regula hosted similar training for law enforcement agencies and border control authorities in a number of countries, including Armenia, China, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Spain, and Tanzania. Also, in spring 2022, Regula together with INTERPOL’s Counterfeit Currency and Security Documents Branch organized a special training session for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers - its goal was to enhance their knowledge of detecting and investigating fake travel and identity documents to prevent illegal migration.

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