Press release - April 12, 2023

Regula Redesigns Its Biometric Verification: The Fast, Versatile, and Fraud-Proof Solution

To address the global demand for high-quality face recognition as a part of identity verification, Regula has updated its Face SDK. It now features increased accuracy of biometric verification and contributes to a more attractive user experience, as users will be able to go through all the mandatory steps of verifications all by themselves with zero friction.   


In the age of sophisticated identity fraud, including fraud enabled by artificial intelligence (AI), it’s of paramount importance to establish a comprehensive and highly diverse verification process to enable as many identity checks as possible. Multi-phase authentication that comprises document and biometric checks makes it possible to spot forgery more effectively, while face recognition and liveness detection play a crucial role in ensuring that a person is real and the rightful owner of the identity documents, and that no fraudster is trying to bypass the identity verification process. Regula’s global survey* has confirmed the importance of these capabilities: 27% of organizations consider face recognition to be the most effective at combatting identity fraud among other methods of verification. 

Regula Face SDK's redesigned face liveness detection technology offers a balance between a simple UX and high reliability by using the zero-trust concept. Every session has its own unique parameters that cannot be reused by fraudsters for tampering, so the enrollment process is more accurate and fraud-resistant. Exhaustive sets of checks are executed on a backend to protect against different attack vectors: printed photo, mask, screen replay, and so on. At the same time, the updated liveness check is intuitively clear and convenient for the user and is completed within a second.

Reliable enrollment with image quality assessment. Thanks to the addition of a new feature called Face Image Quality Assessment, Regula’s solution now instantly validates a digital photo against predefined standards that can be either unique to a company to comply with its internal standards, or compiled into the desired combination of over 45 parameters of the ICAO Standard or the ISO/IEC 19794-5:2011 Standard. Also, there is an option to choose an out-of-the-box preset for photo validation according to ICAO, Schengen visa, or US visa standards. 

The Face Image Quality Assessment feature is perfect for checking photo validity for official documents, like visas, permits, etc., both in governmental and commercial organizations. However, it also has a more general application, as it elegantly solves a rather frequent problem that companies in all industries come across: tiresome and time-consuming manual assessment of photos which are used for onboarding clients, issuing permits, granting admissions, and so on. 

Real age verification. Regula has enhanced the automatic age verification capabilities in its Regula Face SDK. The updated techniques employ neural network functionality, so instead of just outputting "adult" or "child" after the analysis, the solution reliably predicts the age range of a user right from their photo. Everything is done in the blink of an eye, and completely automatically. 

Extensive facial attribute evaluation. Regula Face SDK automatically identifies whether the person in the photo is wearing a medical mask, glasses, head covering, etc. All you need to do is upload an image and receive a list of facial attributes. With the help of facial attribute evaluation, you can define whether the eyes are occluded, closed, or open; whether the facial expression is neutral or emotional; and whether or not there is a smile, glasses, sunglasses, head covering, medical mask, headphones, etc.

Enhanced face identification. The updated Regula Face SDK offers significantly improved face search among a variety of photos in a client’s database. Using only photos of faces, companies can double-check the identities of their clients to make sure they’re dealing with legitimate users. Also, the solution facilitates biometric access control, as it empowers organizations with handy tools to compare a person with the photo they provided and automatically grant or restrict access when the check is complete.

All this is possible thanks to the ability to assign multiple attributes to a photo. Each photo can be assigned certain parameters from a client’s database, like the name of the person, their age, gender, driver’s license number, credit score, etc. The solution’s architecture allows for unlimited registration of persons, and supports infinite horizontal scaling. No matter how many incoming requests there are or how many records are stored in the database, the search mechanisms in Regula Face SDK are able to meet even the most elevated demand while continuing to provide high performance.


We never stop improving our identity verification solutions to empower businesses with new opportunities as major processes rapidly become digital. With these new features, Regula Face SDK offers a comprehensive approach to biometric verification for a broader variety of tasks, be it fully remote client onboarding, KYC checks, access or border control, and much more.

— Ihar Kliashchou, Chief Technology Officer at Regula

To learn more about the updated Face SDK, please visit:  


*The research was initiated by Regula and conducted by Sapio Research in December 2022 and January 2023 using an online survey of 1,069 Fraud Detection/Prevention decision makers across the Financial Services (including Banking and FinTech), Technology, Telecoms, and Aviation sectors. The respondent geography included Australia, France, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, the UAE, the UK, and the USA.


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