Press release - June 14, 2019

Regula Released a New Device – Dual-Video Spectral Comparator Regula 4308

The newly launched dual-video spectral comparator Regula 4308 is a new generation device that allows for outstanding quality in advanced document examination.

High functionality of the comparator is achieved due to 2 high-resolution cameras, self-developed precision optical system, more than 30 types of light sources and over 20 light filters.

The dual-video spectral comparator extended field of view and updated algorithm of image stitching solve the problem of working with oversized documents. Moreover, now it is possible to work with examined objects which are as thick as a large hard-cover encyclopedia without any partial disassembling of the device.

Two interconnected optical systems allow obtaining images of professional quality in any examination mode. The new algorithms enable the user to get a multi-focus image in one click. A new camera which uses the technique of backside illumination (BSI) has significantly improved the sensitivity of the device to high-intensity luminescence. In addition, the dual-video spectral comparator has an option of supermagnification.

The use of LED light sources extends the device lifetime by significantly reducing its power consumption and the risk of overheating. Furthermore, Regula products are created with due consideration of environmental norms. Thus, the spectral comparator Regula 4308 comprises only lead-free components.

The cooling system of the dual-video spectral comparator consists of one fan, which is located inside the power supply unit. It minimizes the background noise as well as protects the comparator from dust and other pollutants.

Regula Forensic Studio software is supplied in the delivery set of the dual-video spectral comparator Regula 4308. Efficient and intuitive interface of the software helps the user easily operate the device and manage obtained data.

The comparator is supplied with accessories developed in order to meet the most specific needs of our customers:

  • The 3D visualizer Regula 4162 reproduces the relief of the examined document in the form of a three-dimensional model.
  • The thermostage Regula 4168 is a unique solution engineered for detailed authenticity verification of security documents containing thermochromic ink.
  • The tilting stage Regula 4165 make it possible to set the tilt angle of the working surface, fix a certain position of the document and track changes in color/relief visible when displaying such security features as OVI and KIPP effect.
  • The polarizer Regula 4169 has been developed for examining documents when changing the angle of polarization. It allows for in-depth analysis of security features based on birefringent ink (SICPA OASIS®, Polarisafe®, etc.).
  • The magneto-optical visualizer Regula 4197 is intended for expert examination of document magnetic protection.
  • The trinocular stereo microscope Regula 5003 (supplied optionally) gives extended possibilities to the spectral comparator when it comes to examination of tiny objects.


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