Press release - October 11, 2017

Regula Together With ICA France Carried Out Specialized Training on Detection of VIN Falsification in Burkina Faso

On October 3-6, 2017 Regula together with ICA France carried out specialized training on identification and detection of VIN falsification for the Centre de Contrôle des Véhicules Automobiles (C.C.V.A.) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

15 car inspection officers have completed a course on using the magneto-optical device Regula 7505M, eddy-current magnetographing device Regula 7515MInformation reference system «Autodocs» and Identification reference system «Autovin». During the training, the officers acquired both theoretical knowledge and practical skills on non-destructive detection of VIN falsification and examination of related auto documents.

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