Press release - September 22, 2022

The Next-Gen Video Spectral Comparator — Available in a Desktop Form

The new Regula 4306 device aims to meet all the forensic needs of government and financial organizations and turn any desk into a mini forensic lab.


Regula, a global developer of forensic devices and identity verification solutions, announced Regula 4306 is available for order. Having inherited the functionality of its full-size cousins for advanced verification, the device remains a compact multifunctional tool accessible to a wider audience.


Over the past 8 months, Regula 4306 passed field trials in several forensic laboratories, and went through a number of improvements.


Regula 4306 has multiple features. In addition to the standard features of the device of its class, it can perform a 3D surface relief reconstruction and retrace the chronology of the addition of graphic and text elements. Thanks to light sources all around, the device illuminates an object and forms a 3D model. You can rotate and observe it from different angles to complete various expert tasks, such as resolving the exact sequence of strokes for both written and printed elements.


Additionally, Regula 4306 is equipped with a hyperspectral analysis module that can examine the spectral characteristics of the inks used. This is an indispensable tool for examining banknotes and secure documents printed with metameric inks that look different under certain lighting conditions, such as infrared light. It also helps experts effectively inspect documents for additions and alterations.


Regula 4306 can also be used for analyzing a document of any size, be it an ID card, a brick-sized account book, or a non-standard painting. Thanks to the side clips, it’s possible to broaden the internal space and examine wide-format items. For thick objects, there’s a removable object platform that can be detached to obtain an extended field of view—265x199 mm—and conveniently place the object inside.


Inside the 4306, there are LED light sources only. LED lights provide consistent good light quality, use 75% less energy, and—most importantly—don’t require replacement throughout the entire service life of the device.


When designing and creating Regula 4306, we analyzed the recommendations  of forensic experts from all over the world. Now, the device's capabilities have proved to be close to an expert laboratory and cover most of the daily needs of professionals, with advanced analysis of almost all major formats of documents available, yet the device comes in a convenient compact form factor.

— Arif Mamedov, CEO of Regula USA

To learn more about Regula 4306, please visit our website.

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