Press release - December 5, 2022

Regula Enhances Its Unique Set of ID Data Cross-Checks for Effective Fraud Prevention

With the recent update of Regula Document Reader SDK, a powerful software solution for thorough ID verification, Regula sets a high benchmark for effective fraud prevention with its new complete server-side authentication of RFID (radio frequency identification) chips, extended verification of MRZs (machine readable zones), and other ID security checks.

Since document fraud keeps on growing, especially when it comes to remote onboarding and verification, it’s definitely not enough to just check data sources and ID security features individually and not cross-compare them for information consistency. Fraudsters can alter data in one document field—for example, in the visible zone—and forget or be unable to do it in other zones, like in the RFID chip. That is why Regula has its focal point on comprehensive cross-checks of all document data from all sources.

Nowadays, identity documents have become more protected due to various security features, including RFID chips. Such chips encode vital personal and biometric information, such as name, gender, photo, signature, and more, and are widely used in biometric IDs and e-passports. Currently, it is possible to verify biometric documents using mobile devices with NFC technology. But when using a smartphone, there is a risk of verification results being intercepted and modified by fraudsters directly on the same device. In its “zero trust to mobile” approach, Regula protects against such fraud: the technology reverifies the chip on a server in a secured perimeter to ensure the information in the physical ID is trustworthy and the chip is not cloned or its data manipulated. All this is done strictly on the client’s premises, and Regula gets no access to any data.

Apart from that, the updated Regula Document Reader SDK allows for extended validation of MRZs in identity documents. The solution is able to check background, resolution, size, font spacing, line position, and more, making document authenticity analysis even more profound and reliable.

Also, Regula Document Reader SDK now automatically determines whether a processed document type is still valid or is already deprecated. In the latter case, it will be flagged in the verification results, which contributes to the overall security and reliability of identity document verification.

All these checks are done in accordance with ID templates, which comprise the largest document template database in the market, owned and maintained by Regula. Currently, it consists of nearly 12,000 templates, with over 1,000 templates being added in the last five months.


Identity fraud, both on- and offline, is growing like an avalanche. And some ID verification techniques are not efficient any more. This means that our industry needs to adapt to be two steps ahead of fraudsters. We have been in the market for thirty years, and all this time we have been gaining expertise and getting knowledge from a broad variety of sources, including businesses, governments, law enforcement agencies, forensic laboratories, and border control authorities. And this experience and knowledge translates into tangible value for our customers: an enhanced and highly reliable approach to authenticating identity documents with unrivaled precision.

— Ihar Kliashchou, CTO at Regula

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