Advanced Examination of All Questioned Documents

Top and bottom optical systems with high resolution 14MP and 12MP cameras. Two optical systems allow for viewing both the front and reverse sides of a page without flipping it over. Movable top optical system allows examining thick objects, such as books or artworks.

The device is equipped with a high-resolution spectrometer, a hyperspectral imaging module, 3D imaging module, a light source for anti-Stokes luminescence, a motorized XY translation stage, modules for reading MRZs, RFID chips, hidden images (IPI), and 1D and 2D barcodes.

Optical magnification is up to 320x. The device has 30 types of light sources and over 20 light filters.


The XY translation stage allows for high-precision positioning with a step width of 0.01 mm along multiple axes and image stitching. The stitching mode helps to obtain the whole image of an A4 format in a single click. 

A unique motorized oblique lighting system, which allows changing the light source's angle of incidence, gives a wide range of opportunities for examining the microrelief of a document in the visible and infrared spectrum range.

The Regula Forensic Studio software enhances the efficiency of document analysis by giving total control over all comparator’s features. 


Highlighted Features

Two optical systems

With the best-in-class optical magnification and camera resolution, enable document examination using top and bottom optical paths without turning examined objects over. Two cameras (14 and 12 Mp) and integrated backside illumination (BSI) technology for capturing sharp images preserves all the tiny elements that are crucial for further object examination.

Movable object stage

XY translation stage for high-performance positioning (up to 110 mm along the X-axis and 70 mm along the Y-axis). Allows micro- displacements (0.01 mm) of examined objects.

Examination of relief

Unique motorized system of oblique lighting helps to carry out relief examination in the visible and IR spectrum range with the possibility to save settings and repeat accurate examination results.

Large objects

The unique lifting system of the top optical path can boost the field of view up to 310×220 mm when examining large documents and objects.

Superb features

Multifocus, HDR, Super Resolution. Hyperspectral analysis and examinations with a spectrometer.

3D visualization

Possibility to build a 3D-model of a document fragment. Examination of surface relief, detection of printing methods, and analysis of overlapping objects such as a signature and a stamp.

Customer Success Stories

Examples of Examination

Document examination in different light sources and operation modes

Intended Objects for Examination

ID Cards
Passport stamps
Signatures and handwritten notes
Vehicle registration certificates
Driver’s licenses
Revenue stamps
Art and collectibles

Efficient Solution for a Variety of Sectors

Regula in Security printing industry
Security printing industry
Regula in Banks & financial agencies
Banks & financial agencies
Regula in Border control & immigration services
Border control & immigration services

One-Stop Shop for Hardware, Software and Knowledge

ID verification sdk by Regula

Specialized Training

Training courses on document and banknote authentication

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ID verification sdk by Regula

Information Reference Systems

Databases of travel documents, banknotes, driver's licenses and vehicle registration certificates

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Top optical system (light sources)

Incident white

Halogen lamp for spectroscopy

20 W

D50 LED for spectroscopy


254-395 nm (4 light sources)

Infrared LEDs

700-1030 nm (5 light sources)

High-intensity LEDs

395-735 nm (12 light sources)

Transmitted LEDs

5 light sources

Angle adjustable oblique LEDs

2 light sources

OVD visualization LEDs

horizontal and vertical (47 light sources)

Polarized LEDs

3 light sources

Bottom optical system (light sources)

Incident and coaxial white

High-intensity IR for Anti-Stokes Luminescence

800-1100 nm


870 nm

Ultraviolet UVA

365 nm

High-intensity cyan

505 nm

Delivery set

Calibration Kit

Calibrated White reference material. NIST traceable

Built-in PC (optionally)

Intel® Core™ i7, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD

Regula Forensics Studio Software

Full Specification Regula 4308


Regula Forensics Studio Software


1. Trinocular Stereo Microscope Regula 5003

There are cases when to complete examination experts require a microscope. Trinocular Stereo Microscope Regula 5003 is a perfect tool. By switching between two options of examination – eyepieces or a built-in digital camera – an expert may carry out not only visual examination but also an examination with a variety of RFS software tools.

2. Visualizer of magnetic properties Regula 4197

Additional nondestructive examination of images, travel document and banknote fragments, dyes of printing devices that contain magnetic ink, as well as performance of magnetic measurements.

3. Thermostage Regula 4168

Examination of images, travel documents and banknote fragments that contain thermochromic ink at different temperatures. Examination of a composite security feature Feel®-ID developed by Giesecke & Devrient company. Feel®-ID is based on optically variable and thermochromic effect.

Temperature range — +30...+80 ˚С with a step of 1 ˚С
Heated area (length×width) — 78×48 mm
Dimensions (length×width×height) — 170×78×16 mm
Weight — 0.25 kg
Power supply voltage: powered by the USB port of the video spectral comparator — 5 V
Power consumption — max 15 W

Temperature +20 ˚С
Temperature +35 ˚С
Temperature +50 ˚С

4. Tilting stage Regula 4165

Examination of widespread security features of banknotes and travel documents that are visualized at different lighting and observation angles, for example, OVI, DYNAPRINT®, FUSE-ID and others.

Tilt angle — max ±30˚
Working area (length×width) — (180×110) ±1 mm
Dimensions (length×width×height) — max 230×112×42 mm
Power supply voltage via a USB port — 5 V
Device weight — max 0,5 kg
Rated current — max 1 A

5. Polarizer Regula 4169

Examination of questioned documents while changing the angle of polarization.
Angle of filter rotation — 0…360 with a step of 2˚
Field of view (diameter) — 70 mm
Dimensions (length×width×height) — max 195×140×40 mm
Power supply voltage via a USB port — 5 V
Device weight — max 0.9 kg
Rated current — max 0.5 A

6. Mirror for examination of the document edge

Examination of the document edge – 25x
Top white – 1.8x
Top infrared 850 nm – 1.8x
Ultraviolet 365 nm – 1.8x
Top white – 1x
Top white – 3x
Top white – 5x
Top white – 10x
Top white – 20x
Top white – 40x
Top white – 80x
Top white – 160x
Oblique white – 3x
Oblique infrared 850 nm – 3x
Oblique infrared 850 nm – 3x
Oblique white – 40x
Oblique infrared 850 nm – 40x
Top white – 1.8x
Top white – 40x
Top white – 1.2x
Ultraviolet 365 nm – 1.2x
Top white – 1.4x
Ultraviolet 365 nm – 1.4x
Ultraviolet 365 nm – 3x
Ultraviolet 254 nm – 3x
Top white – 3x
Top infrared 850 nm – 3x
Top infrared 950 nm – 3x
Top white – 2.5x
Top infrared 850 nm – 2.5x
Top infrared 850 nm – 1.9x
Top infrared 950 nm – 1.9x
Top white – 1.7x
High-intensity infrared for Anti-Stokes Luminescence – 1.7x
Top white – 1.3x
High-intensity green 530 nm – 1.3x
Hyperspectral analysis 729 nm – 2.8x
Top white – 1x
Top infrared – 1x
Examination of the document edge – 25x
Top white (background in focus) – 7x
Top white (foreground in focus) – 7x
Top white (Multifocus) – 7x
Bottom camera, white – 1.6x
Bottom camera, ultraviolet 365 nm – 1.6x
Bottom camera, infrared 850 nm – 1.6x
Top camera, white – 1.6x
Top camera, ultraviolet 365 nm – 1.6x
Top camera, infrared 850 nm – 1.6x
Comparison result
Comparison result
Comparison result



Directory for saving images

Creating a database of examined document images

Device connection

Video camera control

Image capture

Advanced image capture

Saving images

Saving video

Adding a label to the image

Image examination - making measurements

Image comparison

Exporting data into MS Word

Macros (script)



Switching between TOP and BOTTOM optical systems

Extending the field of view by lifting the TOP optical system

TOP: White light

TOP: White light (OVD)

TOP: IR light

TOP: UV light

TOP: UV light (HDR)

TOP: Oblique light

TOP: Transmitted light

TOP: IR luminescence

TOP: IR luminescence (Automatic)

TOP: Polarized light

TOP: White/IR light (3D)

BOTTOM: Coaxial white light

BOTTOM: High-intensity IR (Anti-Stokes luminescence)


Obtaining multi-focus images

XY translation stage

Image stitching (A4 size)

Image stitching for increasing image resolution

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI)

Spectrometer (Reflection mode)

Spectrometer (Luminescence mode)

Spectrometer (Color measuring)

Spectrometer (Spectrum data export)

Invisible personal information (IPI)


Machine readable zone (MRZ)

RFID chip

Face matching

Regula Information Reference System


Thermostage Regula 4168 for examining documents containing thermochromicink

Mirror for examining OVI security features

Document holder for examining microprinting on the edge of the datapage

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