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General parameters

Examined object material

ferromagnetic, nonferromagnetic

Width of the scanning area

max 20 mm

Magnetic field intensity on the surface of the scanner conductor

30–35 kA/m


- scanners — 30×45×70 mm
- controller — 160×100×30 mm
- charging unit — 100×80×30 mm


- scanner for nonferromagnetic materials (Al) — 0.16 kg
- scanner for ferromagnetic materials (Fe) — 0.21 kg
- controller — 0.3 kg
- charging unit — 0.15 kg

Power supply voltage

24 V

Power source

rechargeable batteries

Time of non-stop operation

40 min (≈ 120 copies)

Delivery set



Magnetizing attachment of Fe-scanner

Test-oject #1, #2

Full Specification Regula 7515M


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