An Advanced Tool for Express but Precise Document Check

Regula 4205D brings document authenticity verification technologies previously limited to specialized research labs to the forefront of border control operations.

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The device uses 12 light sources for comprehensive inspection of modern document security features under 30x on-screen magnification.

Simplifying processes

The intuitive interface and swift multi-touch interaction reduce the complexity of document authenticity checks, making the process more efficient and less cumbersome.

Rough & uneven surfaces

Operational efficiency

Expanded document authenticity verification capabilities on both 1st and 2nd lines enhance the overall operational efficiency of border control processes by identifying a higher number of counterfeit documents.

Sustainable solution

In-house production, utilization of LED technologies and minimal moving parts, as well as proprietary Regula software development, ensure the reliable operation of Regula 4205D and the continuous security control process.

Intended Objects for Examination

ID cards
Passport stamps
Vehicle registration certificates
Driver’s licenses

Highlighted Features

Depth and speed of checks

Utilizing a powerful built-in PC with 8 GB of RAM and an 11th-generation Intel® N5105 processor, along with advanced optics, the device enables in-depth manual document authenticity checks without significantly extending processing time.

High-precision magnification

The device's modern camera provides clear 30x on-screen magnification, allowing detection of security details, such as determining printing methods, previously only visible using professional lab equipment.

12 light sources for multi-level inspection

Examination of all security features from the document's substrate (watermarks, security fibers, etc.), identification of printing techniques and verification of UV and IR fluorescent security inks.

Operational data cross-check

Automated data retrieval from MRZ, RFID, barcodes followed by cross-check accelerates the process, enhancing identification accuracy.

Integrated IRS by request

The built-in Regula Information Reference System precisely locates each security element, comparing the examined document with benchmark images for travel documents.

Training assistance

The capability to connect to a large monitor or projector via HDMI allows for training sessions, enhancing the proficiency of 1st- and 2nd-line control officers.

How Regula 4205D helps to ensure Hajj safety

Large-scale events may vary in their subject: business, sports, tourism, entertainment, pilgrimage, etc. But maintaining state security during border crossing is always the highest priority for all host-countries. No exception was the Hajj of 2014. It became the first year when Regula devices were implemented to guarantee rapid but secure border control procedures in Saudi Arabia...

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Examples of Examination

Document examination in different light sources

One-Stop Shop for Hardware, Software and Knowledge

ID verification sdk by Regula

Specialized Training

Training courses on document and banknote authentication

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ID verification sdk by Regula

Information Reference Systems

Databases of travel documents, banknotes, driver's licenses and vehicle registration certificates

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4205D.01 4205D.02 4205D.03

Light sources:

◦  White incident

◦  White oblique 

◦  White coaxial

◦  White transmitted

◦  UV incident 254 nm

◦  UV incident 313 nm

◦  UV incident 365 nm

◦  IR incident 870 nm

◦  IR incident 950 nm

◦  IR oblique 870 nm

◦  IR transmitted 870 nm

◦  Cyan 505 nm

Functional modules:

◦  MRZ reader

◦  Barcode reader 

◦  RFID reader 

◦  IPI visualization

Image capture

Camera resolution, Mp


Optical magnification


On-screen magnification

up to 30x

Frame size, pixels

1024×768 (standard mode), 2048×1536 (High resolution mode)

Field of view, mm


Maximal document size, mm


General parameters

Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


Supply voltage, V


Built-in PC

Intel® Celeron N5105 / 8 GB LPDDR4 / Intel®UHD Graphics / 250 GB SSD

Built-in monitor

11,6 inch / touch screen / 1920×1080

USB ports


External monitor


Operating system

Windows or Linux


LAN, Wi-Fi (optional)

Optional features and devices (by request)

Information Reference System

Spectral Luminescent Magnifier Regula 4147

Face Matching SDK

White incident
Ultraviolet incident (365 nm)
Infrared incident (870 nm)
Cyan incident (505 nm)
White transmitted
Infrared transmitted (870 nm)
White incident, 5x magnification
White incident, 20x magnification
White oblique, 20x magnification
IR oblique (870 nm), 20x magnification
The MRZ detection and recognition
Reading RFID tags
IPI visualization
IPI visualization
Comparison between the examined document with the reference document from the database
Comparison between the examined document with the reference document from the database
Comparison between the examined document with the reference document from the database

Program launching


Switching the light sources

Gesture control. Switching the light sources

Gesture control. Zoom adjustment

Gesture control. Exposure adjustment

Gesture control. Focus adjustment

Working area extending

Rotate the image by 180°

Oblique light

Coaxial white light


Transmitted white light

Transmitted infrared light

Document alteration. Erasure

Document alteration. Adding

Document search in the database

Comparison mode (DB and camera)

Machine readable zone (MRZ)

RFID chip


Invisible personal information (IPI)

Open manual

Saving images

Focus calibration

Sensor settings

Iris settings

Shutting down the device

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