Handheld Device for Quick On-Site Document Checks

The flagship model Regula 1031 has an extended kit of light sources: white (incident, oblique, and coaxial, for OVD visualization), ultraviolet (254, 310, 365, 400 nm), infrared 850 nm, high-intensity infrared 980 nm and others. Features a torchlight mode with white light for see-through document checks and ultraviolet 365 nm light for quick review of an entire document page at a glance. In total there are 19 lighting modes.

Compact device Regula 1031
Compact device Regula 1019
Compact device Regula 1025
Compact device Regula 1029
Compact device Regula 1030
Compact device Regula 1025
Compact device Regula 1025
Special case

Highlighted Features

White lights

Incident, oblique (8 light sources), for OVD visualization (8 light sources), coaxial.

UV lights

254, 313, 365, 400 nm.

IR lights

Incident 850 nm, high-intensity 980 nm.

Front torch

White, ultraviolet 365 nm.

RFID check

Models 1029, 1030 and 1031 have a built-in module for scanning RFID that instantly detects, identifies, and displays the type of RFID tag embedded in passports and other documents.

OLED display

The top-of-the-line Regula 1031 now has an OLED display that indicates the battery charge level and operating mode, as well as, RFID chip type.

Up to 24x magnification

Depending on the modification, Regula 10XX offers 10x, 15x, 20x, or even 24x magnification that enables examination of microprinting and even nano printing, as well as, detection of printing methods, and different security features.

Measuring scale

Linear, angular, radial measuring scale which helps to estimate and compare sizes of document security features and to estimate the width of typographical lines.

New built-in battery

The updated models has a built-in Li-Pol battery with charging through a USB type C port, so now you can charge the device like an ordinary smartphone. The device's body is made of shockproof plastic. Optionally, the device comes with a special case for convenient fastening on a belt, and a wrist strap.

Full Specification Regula 10XX

Intended Objects for Examination

ID cards
Passport stamps
Signatures and handwritten notes
Vehicle registration certificates
Driver’s licenses
Revenue stamps

Examples of Examination

Document examination in different light sources

Efficient Solution for a Variety of Sectors

Independent experts
Independent experts
Regula in Border control & immigration services
Border control & immigration services
Regula in Police

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ID verification sdk by Regula

Specialized Training

Training courses on document and banknote authentication

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ID verification sdk by Regula

Information Reference Systems

Databases of travel documents, banknotes, driver's licenses and vehicle registration certificates

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Light sources


incident, oblique (8 light sources), for OVD visualization (8 light sources), coaxial


254, 313, 365, 400 nm


incident 850 nm, high-intensity 980 nm


white, ultraviolet 365 nm

Interchangeable white/ultraviolet

in model 1025 only

Optical parameters


Field of view, mm









Additional features

Detector of radio frequency identification devices

detecting and identifying (type A and B)

OLED display

indication of operation mode, charge level, and RFID tag type

Measuring scale

linear, angular, radial

General parameters


102×60×45 mm


0.2 kg


1019 1025 1029 1030 1031
Incident white
Oblique white
White for OVD visualization
Coaxial white
Interchangeable white/ultraviolet
Ultraviolet 254 nm
Ultraviolet 313 nm
Ultraviolet 365 nm
Ultraviolet 400 nm
Infrared incident 850 nm
High-intensity IR 980 nm

2 modes

Torch white
Torch ultraviolet 365 nm
Detector of radio frequency identification devices (RFID)
Magnification, times






Diopter adjustment, dptr






Measuring scale (optionally)

Full Specification Regula 10XX

Regula 1025 on a banknote
Anti-Stokes protection
OVD visualization
Ultraviolet spectral range – 254 nm
Ultraviolet spectral range – 313 nm
Ultraviolet spectral range – 365 nm
Ultraviolet spectral range – 400 nm
White top light
White oblique light
White oblique light
Retroreflective protection
Retroreflective protection
Interchangeable white/ultraviolet light

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