The Portable Spectrometer-Microscope Regula 5006 is a versatile device that seamlessly combines the functionality of a spectrometer and an electronic microscope.


The spectrometer can operate in both the visible and UV ranges.


The microscope enables users to achieve on-screen magnifications of up to 300x while maintaining excellent image quality, thanks to the built-in 11 MP camera.


Additionally, the device is equipped with eight different light sources, significantly expanding its capabilities for various types of examinations.

2 in 1 Spectrometer and Microscope

Highlighted Features

High-precision spectrometer

Optical magnification allows you to change the field of view of the spectrometer in the range of 50 to 150 micrometers. At the same time, the spectrometer works in both the visible and UV ranges.

High-quality images

The device is equipped with an 11 MP camera. The image maintains sharpness, even under 300x magnification.

8 different light modes

5 white light sources (including coaxial and a light source for 3D), 2 UV light sources, and a wide-spectrum light source.

Portability and functionality

The Regula 5006 can be used in both expert forensic workspaces and mobile forensic laboratories, Schengen buses, and even at the scene of an incident

Documentation of results

The RFS software not only facilitates all essential measurements and image processing, but can also capture and export the results into a report.

User-friendly device

The Regula 5006 is an all-in-one device. All you need to do is connect the device to a PC with a USB cable. The PC must have the RFS software installed.

Wide Range of Tasks

With the Regula 5006, you can verify the authenticity of documents and banknotes by determining the printing technique, detect additions and corrections, determine the sequence in which strokes were applied, perform spectral analysis of color characteristics, visualize microprinting applied by blind embossing, check the quality of coin minting, etc.

Intended Objects for Examination

ID cards
Passport stamps
Signatures and handwritten notes
Vehicle registration certificates
Driver’s licenses
Art and collectibles
Revenue stamps

One-Stop Shop for Hardware, Software and Knowledge

ID verification sdk by Regula

Specialized Training

Training courses on document and banknote authentication

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ID verification sdk by Regula

Information Reference Systems

Databases of travel documents, banknotes, driver's licenses and vehicle registration certificates

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Optical system parameters

Resolution, MP, not less than


On-screen magnification for 32” 4K display

from 100x up to 300x

Optical zoom


Field of view, mm

from (1,6 ±0,2)×(1,1 ±0,1) up to (4,8 ±0,5)×(3,6 ±0,4)

Spectrometer parameters:

Range of wavelength, nm


Resolution, nm

not more than 5

Field of view range, μm


Sources (modes) of lighting and filters:


oblique white

coaxial white

frontal coaxial white

white for 3D

UV (365±10 nm)

UV (405±10 nm)

wide range (400–850 nm)

UV-blocking filter 450-700 nm

Specification Regula 5006


Regula Forensics Studio Software

Spectrometer UV luminescence mode
Blind embossing - base lights
Blind embossing - base lights
Blind embossing - coaxial light
Determining the printing method - Intaglio
Detection of the printing technique - Intaglio
Detection of the printing technique - Lithography
Sequence of strokes
Detection of sequence of strokes
Bottom of cartridge
Bottom of cartridge

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