Arif A. Mamedov

Arif A. Mamedov

President and CEO at Regula Forensics, Inc.

Arif A. Mamedov, President and CEO at Regula Forensics, Inc. He is responsible for establishing and growing Regula’s presence in the NA and LatAm regions, as well as relationships with strategic partners, such as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of State.

Foreign ID Document Verification for Businesses: Addressing the Challenges of the Digital Nomad Era

This post will provide you with some strategies for streamlining your identity verification process when working with digital nomads as clients.

Magneto-Optics: How to Use It to Check VINs, Banknotes & Documents

Forgery of documents, counterfeiting banknotes, and alteration of serial numbers and VINs may seem unrelated. However, what ties these activities together is the technology used to reveal them.

How to Restore an Obliterated VIN: Chemical Etching vs. Magneto-Optical Imaging

In this post, we’ll explain how the MOI method works for VIN number restoration, compare it with chemical etching, and demonstrate the results in practice.

See Through the Fakes: How Windows in Banknotes Keep Money Safe

A window in a banknote is an established and reliable security feature that is almost impossible to counterfeit.

What Is Lenticular Printing Technology and How It Secures Identity Documents

What do good old souvenir stereo cards with a girl winking her eye and identity documents have in common? Lenticular printing.

What Are Covert Laser Readable Images and How to Make Them Overt

Sometimes a security feature in a document secures another security feature. The most curious example is a covert image in a hologram visible only in laser light.

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