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Introducing Regula 1031, a New Handheld Device for Quick On-Site Document Checks

Alex Lewanowicz

Director of Hardware Engineering, Regula

For many frontline officers, work can happen in all sorts of places. Instead of in the comfort of a well-equipped laboratory, they might find themselves verifying a driver’s license on a roadside in the middle of nowhere. 

Regardless of the environment, they need tools that are lightweight, reliable, and functional. That’s why Regula released Regula 1031, the newest model in their range of handheld devices for express document verification. Among the major updates: improved ergonomics, additional light sources, capability to read RFID tags, up to 24x magnification, and OLED display indicating operation mode, charge level, and RFID tagtype.


Now comes with a display

The challenge was to add an informative screen while barely impacting the compact size of the device. To achieve that goal, Regula engineers rethought their approach to ergonomics and managed to build in an OLED display on the front. Now that’s something to boast about.

Regula 1031 is the first express device of its kind that has a display indicating the battery charge level and operating mode. You can be sure that you won't suddenly get a dead battery in the middle of a patrol. No need to remember button combinations. All that, plus the RFID tag type (more about that in a minute), is conveniently indicated on the display.

Regula 1031 and its OLED display

Reinforced body that isn’t afraid of hard work

The device's body is made of shockproof plastic. However, several other design decisions also contribute to the strength and durability of the 1031.

First of all, we decided not to use AAA batteries in the device, instead switching to an embedded Li-Pol battery with charging through a USB-C port. Not only is it more convenient, as you can charge the device just like an ordinary smartphone, but the whole body is more durable. Since the battery is built into the device, creating a single unit, you can be sure that the batteries won’t spill out in all directions if you happen to drop it.

However, it’s unlikely that you'll drop it at all. The 1031 comes with a special case for convenient fastening on a belt, and a lanyard for the wrist.

Shockproof plastic in Regula 1031

24X magnification to see clearly in nanoscale

Depending on the modification, Regula 1031 offers 15x, 20x, or even 24x magnification, which allows you to effectively examine microprinting, as well as elements applied with nanoprinting, such as holograms.

For more precision, there’s a measuring scale to estimate the dimensions and geometric parameters of the element under examination. Knowing these parameters and tolerances, you can quickly assess the authenticity of a document.

The device also allows dioptric adjustment, so you can adjust it to your vision or the thickness of the object without needing to move back and forth and squint.

24x optical magnification in Regula 1031

Enhanced examination capabilities with 19 lighting modes

Regula 1031 has an extended set of light sources and is the first compact-size model that offers examination in infrared light. In total, there are 19 lighting modes based on the following light sources and combinations thereof:

  • white (incident, oblique, coaxial, for OVD visualization),

  • ultraviolet (254, 313, 365, 400 nm),

  • infrared (850 nm, high-intensity IR 980 nm),

Plus, there is a torchlight mode with white light for see-through document checks and ultraviolet 365 nm light for quick review of an entire document page at a glance.

Since the range of basic checks has become more extensive with the 1031, you can conduct more checks of compliance (or non-compliance) with the document template and provide more supporting evidence in your examination reports.

19 light modes for complex ID verification

Express identity verification with an RFID detector

With the spread of e-passports, Regula 1031 hardly leaves any chances for document counterfeiters. The device has a built-in module for detecting RFID that instantly detects, identifies, and displays the type of RFID tag embedded in passports and other documents.

This feature allows you to provide enhanced security against fake identities as you can quickly check the authenticity of a document right on the spot, even if there are no advanced devices at hand or a forensic laboratory nearby.

The identified RFID type is displayed on the screen

To sum up

The idea behind Regula 1031 is to empower experts to conduct high-quality analysis anytime and anywhere. The tiny yet capable 1031 sets the new standard for compact devices. The first device on the market that is equipped with a display, 24x optical magnification, a complete set of light sources, including infrared, and other powerful features, it’s definitely here to stay.

Get in touch with us today to request detailed Regula 1031 specifications, book a live demo, or ask any questions about the device.

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