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Meet Regula 4306, the Best Compact All-in-One Forensic Device

Alex Lewanowicz

Director of Hardware Engineering, Regula

Regula is proud to serve as a technological partner for all types of forensic experts, empowering them to instantly detect fake and counterfeit documents. That’s why over 80 border controls globally use Regula’s solutions.

To make high-quality verification for numerous use cases more convenient and accessible to a wider audience, Regula released Regula 4306, its most advanced compact video spectral comparator to date.


The biggest nerds in the family

At the core of the 4306, you’ll find the same flagship-level capabilities that 4308 provides but in a compact size. It’s designed for teams who need a powerful multifunction tool that doesn’t take up too much space and is convenient to use right on the spot. Equipped with Regula 4306, every desk is a forensic lab.


4306 is the ideological successor of Regula's line of expert instruments. We took into account the requirements of experts from all over the world and developed a device that is close in functionality to an expert laboratory, but in a miniature form. At the moment, Regula 4306 has an optimal set of functions for advanced analysis of documents of all major formats.

— Artsiom Strynkevich, Chief Design Officer of Expert Devices

Retracing the chronology of adding graphic and text elements

Regula 4306 allows you to perform a 3D surface relief reconstruction. With light sources all around, the device illuminates the object under scrutiny and forms a 3D model of it for further manipulations. You can rotate and observe it from different angles to complete various expert tasks.

  • Analyze the surface topography and intersecting lines. For example, you can detect where a pen smoothed the structure of a toner and resolve the exact sequence of strokes by analyzing pressed marks left by writing instruments.

  • Measure heights at the relief scale. The color palette of elevations allows you to visualize the surface and location of relief elements, while the scale of measurements identifies their dimensions.

  • Examine both written and printed elements. This feature works perfectly for analyzing the application chronology of handwritten text, signatures, stamps, laser-printed text and elements, or a combination of everything at once. 

There are also settings that let you choose the sources of white and infrared light from different sides to closely inspect elements that draw your interest. The detailed 3D model effectively facilitates forensic analysis and helps you get fast and accurate results.

Regula 4306 3D visualization feature at work

Working with 3D models enables accurate stroke sequence identification

Authenticity verification using hyperspectral analysis

Regula 4306 is equipped with a hyperspectral analysis module that allows you to examine the spectral characteristics of the dyes used. This is an indispensable tool for examining banknotes and secure documents printed with metameric inks that look different under certain lighting conditions, such as infrared light. It also helps experts effectively inspect documents for additions and alterations.

Regula 4306 hyperspectral imaging module

The 4306 hyperspectral analysis module empowers you with a top-notch optical system. It produces light within the 254–1020 nm wavelength range with a step up to 1 nm. Before conducting an analysis of an object, you can adjust the range and specify the necessary step size. The result is a series of images taken at different wavelengths over the range, so you can see how the object looks under different conditions. 

When certain areas catch your attention, or you want to compare the spectral characteristics of two objects, you can use a spectrogram. Simply select the area, and Regula Forensic Studio, the built-in forensic software, will create a spectrogram of the particular dye for the whole range at different wavelengths.

Regula 4306 spectrogram

The hyperspectral analysis module makes finding additions and alterations a breeze

Large-size document examination

You can use Regula 4306 for analyzing any document, be it an ID card, brick-sized account book, or a non-standard painting.

Thanks to the side clips, it’s possible to broaden the internal space and examine wide-format items. For thick objects, there’s a removable object platform that can be detached to obtain an extended field of view—265x199 mm—and conveniently place the object inside. A4 sheets and smaller objects can be examined without any extra manipulations.

Regula 4306 effectively copes with thick books and wide-format objects

4306 is the case where one size fits all

Longer lifespan thanks to LED lights

Inside the 4306, there are LED light sources only. LED lights provide consistent good light quality, use 75% less energy, and—most importantly—don’t require replacement throughout the entire service life of the device. 

As a result, it saves you both replacement and maintenance costs, while the device is always functional and ready to work when you are.

LED lights inside the 4306

4306 is Regula’s first comparator with LED lights only

There’s more

To ensure you get the maximum value out of your investment, Regula has built an end-to-end forensic ecosystem around its hardware devices.

  • Professional forensic software. Every Regula forensic device comes with Regula Forensic Studio, the software used for effectively obtaining, processing, and analyzing visual data.

  • IRS (information reference system). There are six datasets specialized for particular use cases, such as auto documents or currency checks. Alternatively, you can go for Secure Documents Ultimate, the most complete all-in-one IRS, which contains over 11,000 accurate reference templates. 

  • Forensic training workshops. If needed, Regula experts are happy to provide training courses. Your team will acquire practical skills in document and banknote authentication and verification and achieve confidence in using IRSs and forensic devices.

With all the security challenges we face nowadays, Regula is committed to ensuring its products provide an effective modern solution. The powerful yet compact Regula 4306, accompanied with professional software, an extensive database of document templates, and expert workshops, turns into a single hub for all types of verification and authentication challenges. 

Get in touch with us today to request detailed Regula 4306 specifications, book a live demo, or ask any questions about the device.

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The most advanced compact video spectral comparator to date

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