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Meet Regula’s New Look

Regula Team

The day has come: Regula is happy to introduce its fresh new look. In this post, we’d love to share with you what the changes are and why we made them.

What has changed

We’ve updated our logo, icon, and typeface, and reimagined all our visuals with new colors and illustration style. We’ve also established a single digital home for all products and solutions created by Regula.

To understand the reasons behind the changes, let’s go back a bit.

Three decades into our mission

Back in 1992, banknote authentication was a challenge. A team of passionate scientists set out to fix that, by treating it more like an interesting engineering task rather than a business. They called their quest “Regula” after Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation Leo. They wanted to make the world a safer place by creating solutions so that every customer-facing employee, be they a border control officer or a bank clerk, could run expert-level forensic checks right on the spot.

Over time, our customers’ needs and demands have been evolving, and so are our solutions. We’ve expanded beyond banknote verification to a huge range of expert devices, large and small, for advanced authentication of all sorts of protected documents and software for identity verification. The team has also grown bigger, now numbering four hundred engineers, scientists, forensic experts, and innovators.

At some point, we realized the need to level up Regula's brand identity to reflect how much the company has grown. For example, we had two primary audiences that we kept separately—those who need forensic examination and identity verification devices, and those seeking IDV software solutions. Yet, Regula has always been a canonical example of the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. When we offer software solutions, we rely on our expertise in hardware and forensics. And vice versa. To honor this synergy, we created a new unified brand identity to broadcast throughout all channels, from the website to the conference booth. 

Over 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of companies verify the identities of their customers, and now it’s time to have Regula’s own identity catch up with who we really are.

Some things don’t change

For our customers and partners, Regula is still the Regula they know. During numerous interviews, we’ve repeatedly come across three ideas from our customers and employees alike. (Dear friends, if you read this article, know that your input was priceless for us.) Based on these ideas, we formulated what makes us Regula.


There’s nobody in the world who knows as much about documents as Regula does. With our own R&D and production, as well as an engineering approach to innovations in our DNA, we guarantee quality at every stage.


Regula hasn't turned into a diversified corporation. We're committed to doing what we’ve done from the start: verification and authentication. And we’re still doing it.


Even after 30 years of experience, Regula has retained the thrill and energy of a startup, which helps us to treat every customer as the one and only.

The main goal of this rebranding was to sharpen Regula’s message to the world. In all other aspects, we’re staying true to ourselves and preserving everything that made this years-long story of innovation possible. Thorough research and months of hard work have resulted in the refreshed brand identity we officially announce today.

The idea behind Regula’s new design

Regula rebranding announcement

The cornerstone of Regula’s new brand identity is the metaphor of invisible identity verification technologies. They provide safety and comfort, but in the background: you don’t even notice them. The key visual is a composition of thin lines that’s reminiscent of the pattern used for document protection. It’s a dynamic and evolving graphic that reflects the company’s innovation and relevance that has persisted for 30 years.

The quality and unmatched accuracy are conveyed by detailed illustrations and photographs. The expertise is emphasized by the technologically advanced typeface and detailed illustrations. The flexibility of Regula’s solutions is evident through its versatile graphics and new bright color schemes. We took inspiration from the brand’s heritage—the violet color that resembles a high-quality optics glare and the idea behind the updated logo—and expanded it with new tools so the brand’s visual language would be functional and could be used in a variety of use cases.

Updated Regula's logo

Previously, the logo resembled a handwritten signature. The new logo inherited the accented letter “R” and the purple color of its predecessor, but it is more up-to-date and gives off more technological vibes.

Regula new logo design

There’s an engineering precision to the new logo, because engineers are Regula’s backbone, and their science-backed approach has become a part of the company’s DNA. The form of the letters honors this engineering logic, which creates the essential feeling of stability and reliability. The circles smoothly transition from one to another and support the internal dynamics of the inscription, and the lines emphasize the original character.

An icon that makes a statement

Regula's new icon

Along with the logo, the “R” icon has been the most recognizable element of the Regula branding for years, so it was important for us to be able to continue using it.

The previous “R” icon had a lenticular distortion effect, as when a magnifying glass is used. We made a new interpretation, while preserving the enlarged head of the letter so as to resemble a magnifying glass icon.

Bold colors

digital purple

Digital Purple is the new official Regula color. Regula has always been purple. This color came from the color of enlightened optics that have that kind of glare when a quality lens reflects light. Since Regula worked and still works a lot with optics, we kept this reference as a symbol of continuity, but brightened it to give a modern touch.

The whole palette has become wider so we can be more flexible and dynamic. To highlight the lasting spirit of a startup, we partnered purple with Energy Orange and Signal Green, which reminds us of an indicator of a working device.

Signal green and energy orange

As Regula operates in two areas—hardware and software—we also came up with two themes. Light shades belong to software, and the dark theme to devices. Together, these colors create a complex polyphonic sound: technological, lively, and expressive.

Dark and light themes

The new typeface

ABC Favorit Pro is our new typeface, crafted by Swiss foundry Dinamo.

It feels technological and is easy to read from any source, be it a website or leaflet. At a closer look, however, you can notice a few quirks that hint at the spirit of inventiveness. The typeface is multilingual, so we’ll be able to stay consistent when speaking different languages.

ABC Favorit Pro typeface

Pixel-perfect illustrations

New Regula illustrations

The new illustrations reflect one of the most important attributes of Regula’s expertise: the ownership of a huge library of document templates. The foundation for the illustrations is real documents, the details of which are transferred to the graphical shell with pinpoint accuracy.

Photographs that look unintentional

Regula brand photography style

The idea of invisible technology continues in the photographs we use. The photos illustrate scenes and situations in which end users encounter Regula technology: airports, banks, check-in counters, etc. We intentionally don’t bring focus to their faces, as we are neutral observers rather than participants.

When representing our users through portraits, we are inclusive, as solutions developed by Regula verify people in 170 countries. We choose frontal shots with neutral expressions that could fit in their IDs while still communicating confidence. They aren’t real-world models, by the way. Following the idea of non-interference in people’s private lives, we replaced real people with AI-generated personas.

Regula brand photography and portrait style

The perfect geometry that is at the core of Regula’s brand image conveys the feeling that everything is under control. There are no excessive details, as we’re confident in what we do and don’t need to prove anything.

Regula brand abstract photography style

What comes next?

Our company mission statement is “A scientific approach to safety and comfort.” This new brand identity embodies a lot of what makes Regula itself: a love to dig deeper than anyone else, a passion for solving tricky engineering tasks, and devotion to our customers.

We’re humbled that over 1,000 clients use our identity verification solutions all over the world and that authorities from 80 countries trust Regula to protect their borders. Our look has changed but we aren’t stepping away from our name or compromising on quality. Our mission remains the same. Let’s go for it!

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