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ICTS Europe Systems Improves Passenger ID Processing by Integrating Regula 7029

ICTS Europe Systems and Regula

Hundreds of millions of air passengers every year

Rapid in-field results

ID processing time reduced to just 3 seconds per document

Deliver a User-Friendly Experience

Significant decrease in human workload

ICTS Europe Systems is a leading provider of technology-based travel solutions to the global aviation and travel industry. As a part of the ICTS Europe Group, which specializes in aviation security solutions, and working across the whole continent of Europe, as well as Asia and North America, the organization improves travel for hundreds of millions of passengers every year.

ICTS Europe Systems delivers greater security, efficiency, and competitive edge for the aviation industry through their leading technological solutions - such as automated document verification, watchlists, touchless flight check-in, and passenger travel itinerary checks with TravelDoc, a unique online verification system.


In the competitive aviation sector, ICTS Europe Systems has established strong global partnerships with major carriers, adeptly navigating diverse identity verification regulations. Leveraging cutting-edge aviation technology, the company previously deployed document readers to redefine the passenger experience. However, recognizing the evolving landscape, ICTS sought to further optimize processes and enhance passenger efficiency. In particular, the company aimed to ensure that user interaction with the hardware and software was minimal.


After extensive market research, ICTS Europe Systems opted for Regula 7029, a space-saving independent workstation for full-page data processing. Despite its small size, Regula 7029 is a powerful multifunctional device which enables automated reading and comprehensive authenticity verification of a wide range of IDs, including passports, ID cards, visas, driver’s licenses, and more. This then triggers verification of the passenger’s travel documentation requirements more quickly and accurately via the TravelDoc solution. This early detection benefits airlines by reducing potential immigration and compliance fines, as well as the passenger travel experience from home to destination.

The versatility of Regula 7029 allows for its use in any country with any ID, addressing the challenges posed by varying regulatory requirements. Documents are verified right on the device with the help of the built-in PC. Apart from checking data in the visual zone, MRZ (machine-readable zone), barcode, and electronic chip, Regula 7029 also has the ability to capture images of documents in various light sources, such as white, ultraviolet, infrared, etc., to verify their hidden security features.

In total, over 80 Regula devices were distributed across European airports to service flights to the USA.



The whole project, starting from purchase to integration, was straightforward and smooth thanks to the great technology, collaboration and ongoing support we have with Regula. Pairing Regula hardware with TravelDoc and our suite of core capabilities has driven down processing times for each document based on accuracy and the exceptional first-time scan rate – all in a very short period of time. Using Regula 7029 for passenger ID verification gives us the required speed and quality to keep improving the overall experience for both air carriers and passengers.

—Jason Spencer, Commercial Director at ICTS Europe Systems

After deploying Regula 7029, ICTS Europe Systems decreased the time allocated for processing documents. Now, it takes only three seconds to scan and verify an ID. This reduces the overall time that passengers spend checking in and boarding at the gate.

Plus, Regula 7029 helped ICTS Europe Systems automate identity document processing, which allowed them to reach their goal of reducing human workload.

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