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When it comes to document type identification, some documents require to specify the country of issue beforehand, or even the type document that is sent for processing. Nowadays there are a variety of identity documents in almost every country: passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, residence permits, etc. No one can remember what they all look like, but they should be verified with a certain level of accuracy.

Regula document type detection technology automatically identifies the type of the document. It precisely defines each key attribute that can be placed on an identity document, be it MRZ, barcode, etc., and compares them to Regula’s in-house document template database, the largest in the world, consisting of over 12,000 templates of IDs issued in 247 countries and territories.

As soon as the document gets in the camera view, Regula technology thoroughly analyzes the document and its key elements, identifies its type and country of issue, what kind of key attributes should be presented on that particular type of document, where to find them and what exactly they should look like, including their appearance in different light sources and at various angles.

Such high-precision document type identification further streamlines OCR and verification processes, no matter what type of document you process.

Automatic Document Type Detection

Automatically recognize the type of the identity document and country of origin in a matter of seconds with no manual labor such as selecting a country, document type or series.

No Document Left Behind

Whatever document is provided, it can be found in Regula’s database of 13,000+ identity document templates, the world’s largest, covering IDs from 247 countries and territories, including:

  • Border Crossing Card

  • Business Travel Card

  • Citizenship Card

  • Crew Member Certificate

  • Diplomatic ID Card

  • Driver’s License

  • ePassport

  • Health Insurance Card

  • ID Card

  • Immigration Card

  • Insurance Board Card

  • Laissez-Passer

  • Lawyer Card

  • Marine License
  • Medicare Card

  • Passport

  • Police Card

  • Proof of Age Card

  • Refugee Card

  • Registration Certificate

  • Residence Permit

  • Social Security Card

  • Tax Card

  • Visa

  • Voter Card

  • Work Permit

Regula Technology Highlights

The widest range of supported ID types, from standard (passports, driver’s licenses, ID cards) to more specialized ones (marine licenses, refugee cards, voter cards, etc.)

Fully automated technology that uses AI and machine learning to identify the type of document presented and check its legitimacy

verify document authenticity

Conversion of dates into local formats and transliteration of names, if needed


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Backed up with the world’s largest document template database—over 13,000 templates of IDs issued in 247 countries and territories


Document type identification is available for document photos, video streams, and images from conventional and multi-band passport scanners

On-premises / on-device solution—data is never transferred to third-party services

Works offline—document type identification is performed even with no internet access

MRZ reading technology

Strict compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations regarding personal data

Support of AAMVA, the North American standard for driver’s licenses and ID cards

More Regula Technologies

One check is never enough when it comes to identity verification: you cannot be sure the document is authentic only with a barcode. Interconnected Regula in-house technologies, such as OCR, barcode, MRZ, and RFID chip reading, come together to ensure a high level of speed and accuracy when it comes to identity document verification. They thoroughly examine every detail in every ID, cross-checking all the data to spot any illegal alterations. Learn more about what’s under the hood of the comprehensive identity verification that Regula solutions provide.

Barcode reading

Barcode reading

Face matching

Face matching

Document liveness detection

Document liveness detection

Face liveness detection

Face liveness detection

MRZ reading

MRZ reading

RFID/NFC reading

RFID/NFC reading

Document type identification

Document type identification

Document authenticity verification

Active authenticity control

Age verification

Age verification

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