To keep up with the latest advancements in biometric technologies and face recognition, fraudsters are becoming more inventive in their attempts to bypass authentication systems. This leads to an increase in the number of fraud cases involving the use of fake or masked faces. Still, there is a way to effectively combat them with biometric verification.

Liveness Detection Mitigates Biometric Fraud

Regula’s proprietary liveness detection technology streamlines remote biometric verification and efficiently prevents fraudulent presentation attacks such as the use of static face images with or without electronic devices, printed photos, video replays, video injections, or realistic masks instead of a real person. It instantly determines spoofing attacks with live face substitutes while verifying identity through the smartphone camera or desktop device.

Regula’s liveness detection strengthens and streamlines the identity verification process and effectively fights against facial spoofing. It combines various techniques like texture analysis, depth and shape of an image, facial movement, and other factors to determine whether it is a real live person or a fake representation.

Presentation Attacks Regula Liveness Technology Detects

face liveness detection

Liveness Boosts Identity Verification

The intuitive user-friendly interface enables easier and faster onboarding by navigating a user through, thus minimizing retake attempts, and is completed within mere seconds.

Regula Automatic Barcode Reading

Stay Ahead of Fraud with Regula’s Liveness Detection

MRZ reading technology

an Ideal Image 

Advanced face capture and image quality control automatically assess the photo quality while a person is taking a selfie and passing a liveness check. The solution intelligently determines glares, blurring, shadows, head position, and face size, and picks the best available picture directly in the mobile app or on the website for further matching and identification.


Ensure Secure Liveness Detection

Ensure Secure Liveness Detection

Enhance security by processing biometric data on a server while the user’s device just collects data. Regula’s liveness verification offers a balance between a simple UX and high reliability by leveraging the zero-trust concept. Every session has unique parameters so you can analyze recordings of customer interactions, as well as detect and prevent repeated attacks of different kinds of vectors. 


Integrate Into Any Device or Platform

Integrate Into Any Device or Platform

Use built-in liveness checks in your verification flow. The solution is designed to work with various types of devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, self-service kiosks, and terminals. With cross-platform support, you can integrate biometric verification into your web or mobile applications and ensure a consistent user experience.

Fraud-free identity verification

Detect Face Attributes

Identify whether the person is wearing anything with the help of attribute evaluation. You can automatically define whether the eyes are occluded, closed, or open; detect the presence of a smile, glasses, sunglasses, head covering, medical mask, headphones, etc.; and decide if the image fits your requirements. 


Define a Person’s Age  

Define a Person’s Age  

Get an estimated age of a user along with liveness verification results so you can allow or deny access to age-sensitive services. The neural network-based techniques reliably predict the age of a user right from their photo, instead of just outputting "adult" or "child" after the analysis.


Deliver a User-Friendly Experience

Deliver a User-Friendly Experience

Make your customers’ experience is intuitive and convenient by automatically guiding them through the liveness verification process. Regula’s liveness detection ensures that only live, genuine individuals are granted access to your services.


Regula Technology Highlights

  • 100% in-house technology 
  • Fully automated, thorough, reliable, and quick biometric checks

  • Effective protection against various presentation attacks: static face images, electronic devices, printed photos, video-replays, video injections, realistic masks, etc.

  • Quick liveness verification: mere seconds for user authentication

  • Robust security with server-side authentication

  • 99.7% accuracy rate, confirmed by NIST

  • Cross-platform support: mobile, web, desktop, server, API, etc.
  • API clients to server integration with the minimum set of code
  • Support for IR cameras and 3D sensors

  • Audit-compliant data on liveness detection including session parameters and user’s image and video 

  • On-premises installation for secure data management in your secured perimeter

  • Greater user experience and satisfaction thanks to an easier identity verification process

More Regula Technologies

One check is never enough when it comes to identity verification. Interconnected Regula in-house technologies, such as OCR, barcode, MRZ, and RFID chip reading, pull together to ensure a high level of speed and accuracy when it comes to identity document verification. They thoroughly examine every detail in every ID, cross-checking all the data to spot any illegal alterations. Learn more about what’s under the hood of the comprehensive identity verification that Regula solutions provide.

Barcode Reading

Barcode reading

Comparación de rostros

Face matching

Document liveness detection

Document liveness detection

Face liveness detection

Face liveness detection

MRZ Reading

MRZ reading

RFID/NFC reading

RFID/NFC reading

Identificación del tipo de documento

Document type identification

Active authenticity control

Active authenticity control

Age verification

Age verification

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