Press release - June 7, 2016

Regula Launches Information Reference System «Secure Documents Ultimate»

Regula has rolled out a new software product - information reference system «Secure Documents Ultimate». It contains images and detailed description of passports, ID cards, visas, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration certificates, banknotes from different countries and their security features at several protection levels.


«Secure Documents Ultimate» has three versions depending on its area of application and required amount of information:
- Brief (for visual control);
- Express (for operative control);
- Forensic (for advanced examination).


The expert version Forensic includes all security features (microprinting, intaglio printing, watermarks, holograms, OVI, etc.), images in white, IR 400–530, 870 and >940 nm, UV 254 and 365 nm spectrum ranges and magnetic ink patterns.


IRS «Secure Documents Ultimate» Forensics:
- more than 5 000 documents and banknotes from 185 countries;
- more than 200 000 high resolution images of documents and banknotes and their security features;
- gif-animation of holograms and OVI-elements;
- possibility to add images and description of new documents and banknotes using Document Builder application;
- user-friendly interface;
- multilingual interface: English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German and others;
- automatic update when connected to the Internet;
- local and network installation;
- distant training for system operation.


Regula information reference systems are successfully used for operative control and expert examination of documents and banknotes by financial institutions, forensic services, border control and immigration services, aviation security services, etc.


More information about IRS «Secure Documents Ultimate».


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