Press release - December 1, 2020

Face Matching – a New Module in Regula Document Reader SDK

The full version of Regula Document Reader SDK now includes a new Face Matching (FM) module that helps to verify identity and to ensure that the provided identity document belongs to the traveler. The module allows for an error-free comparison of the photo captured by the camera with the holder’s images in the document (including an image from an RFID chip).


The FM module used in the sphere of border control makes document authentication and identity verification faster and more effective.


Regula Document Reader SDK (Full) consists of 4 modules: Basic, VizOCR, AAC, FM. The Basic module provided with a free lifetime subscription is supplied with the device by default. VizOCR, AAC and FM modules are optional. They are licensed and used for extending the functionality of the Basic module.

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