Press release - January 31, 2023

Number of the Year: Regula’s Document Database Has Exceeded 12,000 Templates, With Even More Electronic Documents

Regula, a global developer of forensic devices and identity verification solutions, has enlarged its document template database. Now it consists of over 12,000 templates of more than 200 different document types from 248 countries and territories. This huge knowledge base enables Regula’s customers to instantly recognize and analyze nearly all the identity documents in the world, including the rarest ones, on the most comprehensive and precise level.

Among all this variety of identity documents, the company’s experts have overseen the addition of even more e-documents, or biometric documents, which nowadays are considered to be the most secure and resistant to forgery. As of today, Regula’s database contains more than 1,600 e-documents from different countries (including electronic passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, residence permits, etc.) and approximately half of them were added to the database in the last five years.


It’s no surprise that e-documents with RFID chips are currently prevailing in many countries. As document forgery becomes more sophisticated, so does document protection. RFID chips are considered to be a reliable method of securing an identity document. However, this is the case only if the chips can be authenticated correctly, with a comprehensive ID verification solution certified in accordance with industry standards. Also, when authenticating RFID chips remotely (in online onboarding scenarios, for example), it’s vital to perform advanced server-side authentication, as it’s the only way to prove their genuineness.

— Ihar Kliashchou, Chief Technology Officer at Regula

In 2022, approximately 2,000 new document templates were added to Regula’s database. Among the latest additions are identity documents that were issued no earlier than the end of October–November 2022, like new e-passports from Belize, Switzerland, and Turkey; new Aruban and Italian ID cards; and the US state of Pennsylvania's new driver’s license, which was introduced less than two months ago. Moreover, Regula’s up-to-date database contains templates of the ID card and residence permit of Panama, both of which are yet to come into circulation.     

The document template database, which Regula has owned and maintained for decades, is the largest in the world.* It enables speedy and comprehensive ID verification on almost any device or platform. It is updated on a weekly basis and contains detailed information about all the latest documents that have been issued in various countries, even ones that have been announced and designed but not yet physically introduced. Apart from increasing the quantity of document templates, Regula’s database keeps growing in detail, amassing new descriptions of document security features and their verification methods.

Having access to such a complete database is an essential part of reliable identity verification. It empowers any business in any industry and in any country with an invaluable tool to check and authenticate whatever document their customer has provided, both in person and remotely. Thanks to this database, Regula’s software performs fully automated and precise verification of any known identity document. As a result, Regula’s clients can scale their business smoothly, expanding into new markets with zero friction.

The full list of document templates available in Regula’s database can be found here.

*Among commercially available identity document databases, according to our evaluation.

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