Press release - October 3, 2023

Regula Wins Gold at the 2023 Merit Technology Awards for Cybersecurity

Regula, a global developer of forensic devices and identity verification solutions, has been declared a recipient of the 2023 Merit Technology Awards. Being the first-time nominee, the company won the highest honor—the gold in the Cybersecurity category. 

Merit Awards Technology 2023

Merit Awards Technology 2023

The Merit Awards, an independent program recognizing global industries, assesses the nominees' impact on their respective markets when determining the winners. Regula excelled in Cybersecurity, one of the Technology Awards subcategories.


As a developer of hardware and software for document and biometric verification, we are actively combating the increasing threats alongside cybersecurity providers. Alarmingly, more and more companies are encountering deepfake technology in identity verification. Based on our worldwide survey, 37% of organizations encountered incidents of deepfake voice fraud, while 29% were targeted by deepfake videos just last year. To address these challenges, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to continually advance our solutions. Our goal is to meet the evolving needs of businesses across various industries and bolster security measures.

— Ihar Kliashchou, Chief Technology Officer at Regula

Since identity verification (IDV) is one of the first touchpoints in the user’s journey, organizations and businesses must tick all security boxes when validating new customers. The company’s IDV products—the Regula Document Reader SDK and Regula Face SDK—serve the complete identity-proofing process. These solutions not only enhance security but also provide organizations with a smooth experience as they are accessible remotely, compatible across various platforms, and fully customizable. 


Deepfakes are often involved in biometric fraud, specifically in the form of presentation attacks. Therefore, biometric verification, such as comparing a live selfie image with the visible portrait in the document and the one encoded in the RFID chip in electronic IDs, is a must. This guiding principle is at the core of the development of robust IDV solutions, which combine biometric checks with cross-checks of user information.

Regula's in-house R&D constantly upgrades its software capabilities to equip clients with the latest technologies. For instance, the recent update has made available portrait cross-checks in identity documents. The software automatically checks the presence (or absence) of all primary, secondary, and “ghost” portraits and then compares them. It enhances the document authenticity verification process and helps reveal any photo manipulation.


The 2023 Merit Technology Awards gold award rightfully joins Regula's list of honors and accomplishments this year. Recently, the company was repeatedly named a representative vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Identity Verification*. Earlier this year, Regula was honored as Most Comprehensive Forensics and Cutting Edge Identity Verification by Cyber Defense Magazine.


*Gartner, Market Guide for Identity Verification, Akif Khan, 7 September 2023.

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