Press release - June 18, 2024

Regula Expands World's Largest ID Template Database to 14,000 Items, Enhancing Fraud Prevention Capabilities

The world’s most comprehensive identity document template database, which Regula owns and maintains, has just become even bigger, reaching 14,000 ID templates from 250 countries and territories. With the latest IDs added, including the first vertical ID card from Iceland made in accordance with the new ICAO specifications, this database is a valuable asset in any identity verification (IDV) process.


Regula develops and supports two document collections—the Information Reference System (IRS) and the ID template database—which serve different purposes.

The IRS is a comprehensive digital collection of meticulously scrutinized images of documents, including passports, ID cards, visas, banknotes, coins, driver's licenses, and vehicle documents—and their security features—from 225 countries and territories. This database aids border control officers, forensic experts, and other specialists in verifying a document's authenticity through manual examination.

In contrast, the ID template database is specifically designed to facilitate automated document verification using software solutions. Its latest update encompassed a variety of recently issued identity documents, including those containing dynamic security features, such as holograms, optically variable inks (OVIs), lenticular images, etc. The growing tendency to incorporate such security features in IDs is understandable: it is done to make counterfeiting a much harder task. However, it makes sense only if this dynamic protection can be properly verified through so-called liveness checks, even in remote scenarios. 

Regula’s ID template database contains detailed descriptions of security features in a document, including dynamic ones: holograms, kinegrams, OVIs, etc. This, combined with advancements in Regula Document Reader SDK’s capabilities, makes it possible to check IDs online with the same precision that was previously attainable only in on-site scenarios.

Dynamic security features in the Austrian passport

Regula Document Reader SDK verifies a hologram and OVI in the Austrian passport

Regula’s solution uses ID templates and employs advanced algorithms to analyze the presence of dynamic security features and images in documents, along with their exact location, content, and the physical aspects that make them dynamic: changing colors, images, and so on. This liveness-centered approach helps effectively prevent various types of fraud, such as printed photo attacks and screen replay attacks.


By constantly adding all types of identity documents in circulation around the world, including those that have been recently issued, we not only empower our customers with up-to-date information but also help them and ourselves keep pace with the ever-evolving document security industry. The knowledge of new ID features allows us to enhance our software capabilities, making fraud prevention even more efficient.

— Ihar Kliashchou, Chief Technology Officer at Regula

Among the identity documents added to Regula’s database this year are IDs issued in late 2023 or early 2024, namely:


Passports from:

  • Austria

  • Barbados

  • Brazil

  • China

  • Greece

  • Guatemala

  • Honduras

  • Iraq

  • Italy

  • Jamaica

  • Latvia

  • Marshall Islands

  • Myanmar

  • Pakistan

  • Paraguay

  • Peru

  • Somaliland

  • Syrian Arab Republic

  • Turkmenistan


ID cards from:

  • Afghanistan

  • Argentina

  • Bolivia

  • Czech Republic

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Greece

  • Iceland

  • Kenya

  • Liechtenstein

  • Paraguay

  • Republic of Mauritius

  • Tanzania


Driver’s licenses from:

  • Croatia

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Falkland Islands

  • Finland

  • Greece

  • Malaysia

  • Philippines

  • Sri Lanka

  • Tunisia


Plus, Regula’s ID template database incorporates a number of updated ID cards and driver’s licenses from several U.S. states, namely Arizona, the District of Colombia, Idaho, Michigan, North Carolina, North Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

To learn more about Regula’s most extensive and comprehensive ID template database and see the full list of supported documents, please visit the website

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