Press release - April 16, 2019

Regula IRS Secure Documents Ultimate: the Database Becomes the Most Advanced on the Market

Regula has significantly improved the capabilities of its information reference system Secure Documents Ultimate (IRS SDU). Due to a major update, both the content and the functionality of the IRS have been changed. Now two more versions are available - Ultra and Ultra Pro.


Ultra is a new professional version of IRS SDU for advanced document examination, developed specifically for forensic experts and law enforcement agencies. The main advantage of the Ultra version is access to additional images of documents (anti-Stokes, IR luminescence, magnetic protection of documents).


Ultra Pro is a new enhanced version of IRS SDU, which combines the content of the Ultra version and a special Document Builder software intended for adding images of new documents, banknotes and their security features to the IRS.


The newly-updated IRS SDU by Regula now provides a coin section. It currently contains more than 1,500 coins from 100+ countries and is being constantly updated with new data.


Furthermore, this year the database has been significantly expanded due to the addition of over 1000 banknotes and 40+ documents. Now Regula IRS Secure Documents Ultimate provides the most complete information on identification documents, banknotes and coins on the market.

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